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Children's Ramadan Journal And Crafting Activities

ramadan lapbook journal children's fasting activities
Edutaining and creative, this Ramadan Journal was created for a young fasting man (aged 12) with enough projects to keep him active throughout Ramadan. Make your own Muslim Journal now and get active throughout the year - an early start to next year's Ramadan, but why not?

Resource and worksheet links below.
Seyaab's Ramadan Journal
My brother's Ramadan Journal is a bound recycled sketchbook which I covered and decorated with scrapbooking papers and stickers. The final book included an activity for every other day in Ramadan 30 pages had a Productive Fasting Plan with space for my brother to write how his day went, what sports he played and what sunnah he carried out.

This is a breakdown of what his Ramadan Journal contained:
  • Designing the Ramadan Journal - I used an alphabet font to type my brother's name, Seyaab, for the front of his journal. I punched two eyelets in the back cover and threaded red elastic through them to make a secure fastening.
  • 30 Fasting Plan pages - this day plan is a detailed journalling page with many spaces for writing what was learnt at the masjid, which which duas were read, if any salat were missed and what activities were done together with parents. View the complete Ramadan Journal Page or download.
  • Salat Achievement chart (pdf) - designed with the competitive in mind, this chart allows you to add or deduct points for prayers read and on time.
  • Fasting Ayat copysheet - The Qur'anic verses of the fasting command (2:185) is large and clear with an English translation. There is enough space on the page to copy out the Arabic to help your child with their script.
  • Surah Al-Qadr copysheet - The 96th chapter of the Qur'an is dedicated to THE night of the year. When the angels descend and there is peace everywhere, use this page to read and copy out how Allah describes Layla-tul Qadr.
  • Ramadan Lanterns - Use the lantern template to decorate a mosque lantern, cover a glass jar with tissue squares and place a lit candle inside, or purchase ready-made card lanterns which you can assemble and hang inside or out.
  • 3D Mosque Model - a great template with several parts that can be coloured in and assembled to create a 3D mosque, complete with minaret, domes and moon and star symbol.
Du`a Book - Fatiha and Dua's is an ideal book with large Arabic script and translations. A variety of Qur'anic and prophetic duas, it's travel size and a good tool for younger Muslims.

Pictured (left) is a dua sheet with space for my brother to write his own du`a which he wanted to make. I made a Ramadan Du`a Request Form for those online wishing to double their du`a power. Guess what my brother asks Allah for? A Lamborghini. 

I got a lovely idea from a friend who asked her students each day to write out a single du`a and read it at iftar. We did that too!
  • My Ramadan Du`a Book - A printable set of Ramadan duas for opening/closing the fast, Layla-tul Qadr and thanking guests. 
  • Each dua can be cut out and fastened together to make a booklet; my brother punched a hole in each sheet and attached a treasury tag so he can add more.
  • Fasting Cycle Pinwheel  (pdf) - A cute mini-task involving 3 wheels of pictures and words associated with fasting, which your kid will have to cut out and assemble to work out what comes first, iftar or suhoor! Created by Raising Muslims, shukran.
  • Ramadan Worksheets also courtesy of Raising Muslims and BBC.

  • New Arabic Words Sheets (pdf) - A simple table with blank spaces to write out or glue the English meanings of Arabic words. Created by Raising Muslims.
  • Qur'an - a Ramadan Journal has to have an appropriate Qur'an source, whether this is 30 juz' collection for one volume a day, or a colour-coded Qur'an with tajweed rules, make sure an actual mus'haf is used. (A Qur'an app is cheating; they're ok for breaks, try to use books more often)
  • Story books - Give your child a few of the great new Islamic children's books available from most good Islamic gift shops; Goodnight Stories from the Qur'an, Book of Qur'an People for Kids, The Alphabet Muslims (S is for Mr. Salam).
  • DVD's and CD's - Learning through the internet, an iPad or movie might not be as traditional but can be just as educational as a book. Do a DVD swap with your Muslim friends, rent or buy DVD's such as Adam's World, and gift them with A Picnic of Poems, In Allah's Green Garden.
See more {Ramadan Lapbooks and craft projects} online.

Insha-Allah I make du`a all of your fasts were accepted by Allah. May He bless you.
Eid Mubarak,


Get Your Kids This:
Ramadan Toolkit: Mosque-Madrasa Book Bag

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