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VIDEO: Keep A Dua Notebook

I like to keep a personal dua book with me at all times. Duas I'm memorising, salutations I need to make upon Rasool-Allah, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, and quotes that boost motivation.

But what about making du`a for others? Imam Tahir Anwar explains in the video below,
"When someone asks you to make du`a for them, that means something. What an amanah! (trust) Allah will ask you, 'did you remember so-and-so's request for du`a? - what did you do with it?' Will it go off somewhere into an alley, or are you really going to make that du`a like you mean it?"
Make du`a for others like you mean it.

Keep a Du`a Notebook, by Imam Tahir Anwar

Link love {http://youtu.be/35WtcUnv3IU}

See more videos by DawudIsrael1.

On that note, make your own du`a book project too.

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