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Ramadan Lemon-Orange Crescent Cookies Make Potential Dawah Opportunities

Ramadan moon shaped cookies may just replace my traditional gingerbread men. These were made for the office environment, along with a batch for a local school and my brother's friends. 

These may just help with the moon-sighting wars too.

Celebrating Ramadan is bigger than ritualism or consumerism. As Muslims we like to share our happiness with others, we want to give others light and assist others with insightful information who might not know why we're covered in tinsel and stars.

I believe that by making a sweet gesture of festivity, I have a great PDO moment-a Potential Dawah Opportunity. At work, a vast variety of clientèle will see us and what we represent, and instead of bombarding any stranger with a bland leaflet or talk about "Have you heard about God?" an edible gift will spark their own independent questioning.

I made these cookies last night. They are a light crunchy biscuit with a strong orange flavour and lots of citrussy zest. Thirty packs were made for my brother who will share them with his whole form class and teacher and another batch has been placed in this wicker basket at the front desk.

Please take one, a conversation starter for people from various backgrounds.

I'll have the recipe of this simple cookie soon insha-Allah. I'm meant to be working right now, don't tell the manager...

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