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Countdown To Ramadan: 1 Day To Go, Salat Under A Tree

Salat In Shade Of A Tree | Trip To Light Water Valley | That's Not Me | 18-20 July 2012

While my mother took this photo, I edited it. The school she teaches at went on a day trip to Light Water Valley in Ripon, Yorkshire. Following the Hanafi Madhab (from what I remember, I could be incorrect), the school asks students to not exceed the travelling time and limit. So, a theme park up the road it was.

For mid-day prayer (salatul dhuhr), Muslim women prayed on the green grass and my mother liked this particular scene. I do not know who it is but I know her heart has the faith and love for Allah and that is brighter than the photograph itself. Alhamdulillah.

Ramadan 2012 has not officially begun in England yet, and tomorrow (today) night I shall be on the look out to see the moon with `Ayn-ul Yaqeen, the sight of certainty. For a more scientific approach, see my moon research from Nasa on Faceybook.

Ramadan songs and cookies galore, my people are doing good stuff for other people already. Tomorrow, it's Ramadan decorations and cookies for the office work environment and come evening time, we shall hymn the praises of our Lord, subhan-Allah wa bi hamdil `ale ul-Atheem (Refer to Qur'an, surah Nasr).

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