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The Life of Sa`eed Ibn Amir Al-Jumahi

saeed ibn amir jumahi sahabi khubayb
Sa`eed Ibn 'Amir Al-Jumahi

Sa`eed ibn Amir's heart, may Allah be pleased with him, opened to Islam after witnessing the murder of Khubayb ibn'Adi Al-Ansari, may Allah be pleased with him. Khubayb was captured by Quraysh in revenge for their losses in the battle of Badr. Khubayb was allowed to pray two rak'at salat (two units of prayer) before his captors unleashed a savage attack, spilling his blood like hungry wolves.

Both the dedicated prayer and murder lingered vividly in Sa`eed's mind. He regretted not helping Khubab and after reflecting deeply over the incident, he declared himself free of the sins of Quraysh and accepted Islam.

Sa`eed migrate to Madinah and joined the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, in the Conquest of Khaybar and the battles that followed.

During the caliphate (khilafa) of `Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, Sa`eed was appointed as Governor of Hims in Shaam. He would faint with the thought that perhaps Allah will not forgive him for not helping Khubayb.

Despite living in poverty, he preferred to spend on the less fortunate. Seeing his position as a trust and his wealth as a trial, Sa`eed passed away in the year 20H during `Umar's rule as Caliph (khalif).

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