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Writing To Muslim Detainee Talha Ahsan

My first Ramadan greeting card of the month - omit that, my only Ramadan card - was sent by Talha Ahsan, detainee for over 5 years without charge.

You may not have heard of Talha Ahsan, and the news of his situation may not affect you much either. But, in the back of your mind and in the clearer vision of your soul, you know this is a grave wrong.

Talha Ahsan is a creative Muslim with Aspergers symdrome. He is a British-born poet and writer and his letters often reflect his optimistic creativity. He writes fluid Arabic script and always refers to me as 'dear respected sister'.

Now aged 32, Talha Ahsan has spent the last 5 years in a high security British prison, currently located in Worcestershire. His crime? Only the American government knows, for he has been detained without charge or trial over "allegations of terrorism involvement". What appears worse is being detained in uncertainty, pending extradition to America where, if convicted - of those alleged charges - he will spend up to 70 years in a maximum solitary confinement unit.

This, from the land of liberty, justice and freedom.

If I were to ask you to do something you'd shake your head. What can I do? What power do I have? And since this one stranger's life is not directly connected to you, you're not deeply moved by the injustice. But I'm a Muslim and my faith in God tells me that any injustice to a human is an injustice against God's deen (path) of moral behaviour, equity and fairness. While international crises in Africa and Asia demand my attention, trouble at home is where I am obliged to act. Therefore, I am asking you to help our brother. Even if a monthly postcard. Help.

What you can do
  • Join the 'Free Talha Ahsan' Facebook page for updates and news.
  • Write a quick but firm letter to your MP in support of releasing Talha Ahsan.
  • Log onto http://freetalha.org to read about his family background and lawyer's work, see photos and events which have been raising awareness.
  • Make a du`a for his patience and family - seriously, make a du`a right now.
  • And write to Talha Ahsan directly:
His current address is: (correct at time of publication)
Talha Ahsan (A9438AG)
Detainee Unit
HMP Long Lartin
South Littleton
WR11 8TZ

A letter of support, duas, or a printed article on Islamic goals will suffice insha'Allah. May Allah reward you for doing the right thing and have mercy on us.


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