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Review: An Ayat a Day Calendars

These are 365 day Islamic calendars I've bought from various stores, they are all available online. The following two include complete month dates so like a traditional calendar, you'd have to buy one each year. The bottom two are without weekdays so they can be used annually, literally forever. 

(1) Islamic Bookstore are selling this fairly large (8"x10") desk calendar with folding stand. Features: All 12 months/pages include an 'Islamic quote' at the bottom (pretty small) and incorporate thumbnail/tiled images of Islamic art, e.g. geometry, throughout the calendar.

Buy from Islamic Bookstore for $12.95 / £8 (on sale for $11.65

(2) At a lower price and more compact size Mubarak Cards are also selling annual calendars (non-reusable) with Qur'an. Features: 13 images, translated Qur'an quote on every page, Gregorian & Islamic dates, space to write notes, and highlighted major Islamic events. They're selling them in packs of 5 for $24.00 - good idea for new year gifts.

Buy from Mubarak Cards for $5.50 / £3.45

(3) Love My Deen created a wisdom-full desk calendar that is very excellent to give as a gift, especially to new Muslims or even non-Muslims as an introduction to Islam. Features: the 365 pages cover quotes from the Qur'an, ahadith, modern sayings and from iconic Muslims. The pages are double sided so you get 6mnths running one way, flip the book completely to get the remaining 6mnths. The book comes boxed and has a sturdy stand.

Buy from Love My Deen for £16.99 GB / $24.98 US

What I adore most about this calendar is that each verse is accentuated by devastatingly beautiful photography. These aren't cliched pitchers (pictures) of Arabesque architecture or just Arabic, there are really interesting photos of food, sports cars, wealth, landscapes and everyday objects. It's worth the price.

(4) I bought this recently. Ayaat-A-Day lifetime calendar from Sawaab Publishing. Features: This 6"x5" padded calendar has 365 pages, 6mnths in one direction, 6mnths in the other. Each page displays a rich photo with a Qur'an verse and even complete suwar (Qur'an chapters). It's cute, chunky, simple and clever.
Buy from Sawaab Publishing for £7.5 GB / $12.00 US

In my opinion the calendars from Sawaab Publishing and Love my Deen are better quality since they do not expire, their design and content is superb - Love my Deen comes out greater for including a broader range of quotes, imagery and being the perfect gift size.

Siratt Gift Company also sell contemporary desk calendars for £5 (pictures aren't available yet).



  1. http://lovemydeen.com/ calendar - was a great gift - looks very nice !!

  2. Quanlity of LoveMYdeen islamic Reminders is very good - was given to me by a friend and i also bought another for my brother - i would recomend it as a gift - which they can keep for a very long time.


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