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London Site Seeing (II) - The Markets And Tussauds

'The Struggle Is My Life'. Nelson's (smaller) column in London commemorates 27 yrs of imprisonment of a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and President of S. Africa. Jihad to the max.
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So I ask this woman what she's painting: "Scaled representations of classical, renaissance and impressionists artwork." Cool, how long has it taken: "Well, the first piece alone took over 3 weeks as I complete a section a day." Are you getting commissioned: "No, this is my independent work as an artist, it depends on what passers-by wish to donate." Ok, so, why: *sigh* "I enjoy the time and detail." Three Words: GET A JOB. Seriously though, amazing painting.

There's nothing French here apart from a French waiter. And he sells Arab coffee. They do that, the tourist agencies I mean, throw some European words onto signs to give the illusion of "we Brits are welcoming of multi-culturalism!" No you isn't, you lying sign. *kicks sign over*

Hand-carved and sanded wooden spoons. The words, organic, rural and ...poor dead trees, come to mind. Masha'Allah, they were pretty. Especially the scoop shaped pestle and mortar. When I grow up and buy a gingerbread house in which I lock up small Scandinavian children for my supper, I shall use these wooden rolling pins and ladles to poke them (: 

This dude is famous for his chocolatier skills, having received michelin stars or whatever they give out to approve outrageously priced foods. 5 truffles in plastic-wrap that probably cost a year and a few quid to make. Whut? I didn't even get a free sample. Pfft to that.

Cupcakes, yeah baby! Peggy's assistant gave out free samples. You can order her (also somewhat extravagantly priced) cupcakes for special occasions: PeggysCupcakes.co.uk.

God bless this mixed-race-Jewish-Australian-man-with-the-Jewish-hair-who-spoke-Muslim. His nougat (that his dad made) was nothing short of !£@**!!F*S*!$!! I'm sorry people, I had to bleep it out. Subhan'AllahNote to self: Look up the Australian-Jewish-Man's nougat. Ha, how's that for innuendo bingo...

Watching this family-ran-stall cook their Moroccan cuisine with fresh spices in front view was an exciting experience. The aromas literally violated the senses, without an after burning sensation. But it was good food, alhamumdulillah. I gotta get me a Moroccan friend. 

And now, we visit Madame Tussauds, the world of plastic gods. I didn't want to, but the woman at The London Eye booth pressed a bunch of tickets into my mother's hand who didn't refuse, and so, we were obliged to use our free entry passes to a place we didn't envisage any joy. This may not make sense, but it's o.k.. Love for freebies and cynicism is inherited =p

Exhibit A: Other people's shots. *bart simpson mischievous chuckle*

Exhibit B: Mo-ham-mad Al-ee. I like Mohammad Ali, my parents watched him box with keen support. I hear the song, 'Cassius, it's over, Cassius away', playing in the background.

Exhibit C: Other people's shots. Actually, the shrugging woman came into my shot - I was trying to get a photo of the man behind her who made (obscene) gestures to her Majesty, the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2nd. 'Twas funny. I'm not patriotic enough to defend Liz, I'm sure she's cool. 

Exhibit D: Other people's shots. That woman groped MJ. As we visited Madame Tussauds after MJ had passed away, the reverence-o-meter was higher than normal. I was hoping someone would bust a cr*tch-move, moonwalk or screech an 'ow!' vowel, but nothing.

Exhibit E: Guess which man's fake. Go on, guess. Man on right: dancing man, quite invasive, he looked at me funny and tried to shimmy with the little girl in pink. That was just wrong. Man on left: wax David Cameron, Cambridge material, Prime Minister, a little full of himself, not a popular or understood leader here in the Ukay. However, it's not Bush, therefore alhamdulillah

Exhibit F: Eh, it wasn't all that. A wax rendering of the man of the hour, #Bar-ack-O-bama-Bar-ack-O-bama-Bar-ack-O-bama-Bar-ack-O-- you don't know what I'm singin', do you? Will Smith's beat-boxing expresses it best on Radio1 with Chris Moyles. Everybody! #Bar-ack-O-bama-Bar-ack-O-bama...

Exhibit G: Mohammed Yasser Abdel-Rahman, aka Yasser Arafat, former president of Palestine. I have some respect for this man, may Allah grant him peace, he faced difficulties, was an okay-ish leader to his people (some say great, others say bad) - they loved him - and he defied USA authorities. We never meet people but we're quick to infer that their souls are bad from what others tell us. Want to know what's really dubious though? Madam Tussauds placed the wax model of Arafat, along with Gaddafi, in the villain section next to Hitler and what may have been the Devil. How's that for politics?

Sneak preview of the next London installment: the family go on The London Eye! Yayy...

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  1. Ma'sha'allah, I love these types of posts!

    Amazing paintings indeed. Yummy chocolate, cupcakes and Moroccan food!! Mmmmmmmm! Yeah I've been hearing Merkel and Cameron I think saying multiculturalism has failed in Europe . . . . . .

    Madame Tussauds - I have lots of memories there and yes, lots of pictures of MYSELF next to the famous wax peoples. Ooooh! I forgot to tell you - I saw the man himself - The Greatest - Muhammad Ali, in person last summer @ Gala dinner for Parkinson's (close family friend got diagnosed with the early-onset form). To'ally expensive but got to meet my favorite basketball stars. Course, saw Obama here in Prague a few years back. Why is it that Brits pronounce (BBC reporters for example) his name with a bit of an 'r' sound at the end? Annoying. Yeah, what kinda politics is that - Arafat doesn't belong with Gaddafi, that's for sure! "May" have been the Devil? LOL! You crack me up pagli!

    Hmph. Haven't been on the Eye yet myself in the several trips I've made there in recent years - heard the tickets are expensive (hurray for Aunty grabbing the free passes, smart woman she is, alhamdulillah!) I definitely wanna see London from up above once. Must be beaui'ful.

    That is all.

  2. sr. Zaufishan14/03/2011, 18:30

    Alhamdulillah. 'Twas cool, all in all. We have this attachment to travelling the world and getting wide-eyed over temporary stuff. The things I find that makes a trip phenom is (1) who you go with - i.e. the people you love, (2) your intention for travelling and (3) the impact you have wherever you travel. That might sound philosophical for a site-seeing outing but when you take Islam with you, make good memories (clean memories!) and leave a better person, that was a trip worth taking. Allah says "so travel the earth", go check out the places, see how Muslims are living.
    I've my heart set on Ireland & Africa. InshaAllah.
    The Eye photos are cool too, will have'em up soon ia.
    I dunno why BBC reporters pronounce it Obamar, Londoners, what dyu expect?
    Wasalam`alaykum warahmatullah. Make du`a for us all!

  3. Totally agree with those 3 points. Jazak'Allahu Khairan for the reminder as well.
    Ireland and Africa - nice choices. I've got too many to list in Europe/Africa/Asia.
    Surely will make du'a for my extended online family - esp for the 3 diamonds and little prince :-)

  4. :: Likewise. We'll want to see those duas on Judgement day! Allah knows we need'em. May Allah subanahu wa ta`la, ya rabb, receive all the fierce Muslims with pure enough hearts to get into Jannah ia.


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