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London Central Mosque | Regent's Park Masjid

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I visited the masjid for dhuhr* & maghrib* salah just before Ramadan 2010 began

This is the main entrance (on left); it's a sweet, modern place. Needs a woman's touch. That cute child was running riot

Men's hall entrance *roll over jason bourne stylie, duck SNAP-PHOTO go! go! go! go!* ...

The main prayer hall on the ground floor (for men) is shrouded with a glorious dome

The women's prayer hall (first floor) was very quiet after Friday jumah

A screen hides our eyes from theirs

The men's prayer hall again + chandelier

Watching Muslims visit the masjid... the Islamic Centre acts as a community base for new Muslims, buying Islamic goods, checking out library books and getting homemade food - there's a restaurant in the basement! I know!

"Ya Allah swt look after my mother's car..."

Qur'an prints on display

Catching half of a brilliant conference on citizenship

Mosaic artwork outside... all in all, a religious experience

London Central Mosque website
Regent's Park Mosque Sacred Destinations

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  1. Ahh, I remember with fondness, about two years ago I think, I walked through the park, passing by two sisters who were trying to entertain themselves with the geese in the water in the park, as I walked towards the masjid, then ended up being startled by said birds. Ma'sha'allah, saw many Muslims on the way, a sister sitting on the grass, others walking with strollers (or pram as you Brits say) . . I made it just in time for either Zuhr or Asr, can't remember which. I was very envious of the size of the prayer hall, just felt magnificent to pray in that hall, under that lovely chandelier and dome. Of course, I perused the book store, where I picked up a few items. Twas a nice visit. Jazak'Allahu Khairan for the pictures - love the Bourne reference! :-)


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