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Funny Conversations: The Oppressed Brother

Dude: "Oi, sister, you're a niqabi init?"
Me: "No. Salam`alaykum brother." [proceeds to turn away]
Dude: "Wa`alaykum salam. But listen, don't women have to cover up more, because they attract men so much and they're like a fitna for men?"
Me: "Are you saying women are designed to seduce men and Islam forces us to wear hijab? There's a strong difference between obeying Islam's command and someone forcing you to do an action."
Dude: "True, true. So what's the difference?"
Me: "When a person becomes Muslim they are obliged by Allah - not people - to live by the commands of Islam. I'm a Muslim woman, therefore I have to follow the various roles assigned for women by Allah, and insha'Allah you'll try to live up to being a Muslim man - y'know, providing, leadership. When someone forces or threatens a Muslim to grow a beard, wear hijab, or follow this group, defend or refute this or that action, they take on God's role and judge others, which is not cool. We are not obliged to follow the religion of the people, but we need to understand them. Allah comes first, and Allah does not oppress His creation. Does that make sense?"
Dude: "Yeah, but like you know what it's like to be oppressed and sh*z init?"
Me: "SubhanAllah, no! We're not living in Afghanistan, this is England. Every Muslim woman isn't oppressed. Although, saying that, there are other forms of oppression here bu-"
Dude: "Masha'Allah, masha'Allah, yeah, but like, you're a woman... right, and so weren't you told to wear a hijab, and you have to answer to a man, right, because that's what the Qur'an says?

Me: "Where are you getting this from? And no." [agitated]
Dude: "Everyone says it. So, I can have up to four wives, right?" [grins to self]
Me: "Brother, let me keep this simple = Study the deen in context before using your tongue. We can't always apologise for this ignorance."
Dude: "Was that a yes then sister?"
Me: "Oye..." [jewish shrug]

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  1. Brothers . . . . sheesh.

  2. AAARRRGGGHHHH ... I just loathe gits like that. They are ignorant and do not wish to learn, misogynistic and disrespectful.

    Only with the Grace of Allah SWT can they ever be enlightened.

  3. Trying to impart what we know onto others is its own trial - we can come across as arrogant. At some point you have to leave critics and walk away. May Allah help us expand on our `aql.


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