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The Final Letter From Abdul Muhid, UK Prisoner

I've been writing to Muslim detainees and prisoners for several years now. One particular individual struck out as a patient man - Abdul Muhid (Muheed). Br. Abdul Muhid was convicted in 2006 for "inciting racial hatred" at a protest against the Danish cartoons of Islam's Prophet Muhammad . He was sentenced to six years, then aged 24. Abdul Muhid has two daughters, his friends call him the 'father of two roses' (in Arabic). My personal opinions have no effect and are of no purpose at this stage but I will say this: Britain's "freedom of speech" needs a damn good wash'n'rinse cycle.

The Roses
While br. Abdul Muhid grew spiritually in prison, and I hope insha'Allah, gained wisdom, he was relocated several times around the UK, eventually residing at HMP Isle Of Wight. His wife, may Allah protect her, is a strong woman who showed equal if not greater reserve as a Muslim in struggle. I had the humbling opportunity to share some of my life's gifts with her family of roses, alhamdulillah.

The Good News
After many appeals, in November last year, br. Abdul Muhid was granted parole, alhamdulillah. This meant he could be with his family, raise his children and not wait in angst for communication due to travel arrangements and distance - not many people voluntarily write to Muslims in prison convicted of terrorism charges. Just before leaving br. Abdul Muhid informed us of his parole and we sent a du`a via mail.

This was his last letter to me.

Be merciful to your parents. Qur'an, surah al-Isra 17:23-24

What cuts me is that when words are limited and Allah's protection is over an oppressed Muslim, he or she will somehow find the power to remain determined despite difficulty. As a person of leisure and with all the freedoms outside confinement, I seldom value sunlight, an open window, hearing my parents' laugh or my bookshelves of deeny books. They are always there. I know they will not last but I have not learned their true value in my life. Not from a Muslim prisoner's perspective, anyway.

Br. Abdul Muhid always introduced his short letters by inviting us to believe and glorify in Allah, to live and die as Muslims and to send blessings and peace upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. When no writing paper was available, he tore the Eid card I sent in half and filled in every blank space with prayers, ahadith, news, and Qu'anic statements I later memorised. He never expressed resentment towards his situation, he understood why he was where he was, and he often requested to be educated with more Islamic knowledge and prayers for his young daughters.

Many Muslim detainees in Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, across the world and in the United Kingdom, have been released and this to me is a prayer of relief, albeit a transient prayer. Hundreds of Muslims charged under UK terrorism laws are still captive to those cold, lonely prisons. Although it gives them time to reflect as modern day Prophet Yusufs and to understand the bigger picture of life, it is an ugly situation that they did not deserve.

I kindly ask you to make a prayer for our struggling Muslim families abroad and those closer to home. May Allah safeguard br. Abdul Muhid and his family from harm, forgive them, have mercy on them and reward them with Jannah for their efforts.
~ Ameen.

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  1. May Allah bless him and his family and reward him for his patience. May Allah accept your efforts. Ameen

  2. as wrw b. i pray this message reaches u in the best of health and iman. i stumbled across this blog whilst googling abdul muhid's name - i am his wife, and i would like to say jazak allah khayr for your support and kindness throughout the time that I and my two girls faced. indeed the last 5 years have been difficult.although my husband has been out of prison for over a year now, this has been the first year in five years that he has spent ramadhan as a free man. jzk sister zaufishan for all your kind words and beautiful cards which we all really appreciated. upon his release,my husband along with some other brothers has set up a prisoner support group called www.muslimprisoners.com . it is independent from all the other organisations out there and gives direct support to muslims inside prison. please insha allah help support the muslim prisoners, both male and female through this website

    jazak allah khayr once again sister zaufishan to you and everybody else who helped us through our difficult time, may allah reward you all immensely

    ws wr wb

  3. Whatever God wills, we accept and we aim to stay honest, determined and a unit. All praise be to God for uniting you back with your husband, I am deeply gladdened to hear from you and your improved circumstances. May your lives be overflowing with peace and strength through the grace of God. I was/am only a small moment of support but with God's permission I make a prayer it continues to remind your family of Him.

    I'll look into the muslimprisoners.com page and see what I can do for others.

    Peace and God's blessings be with you. The only way is up.


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