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Pink Muslims: Global Pink Hijab Day for Cancer Awareness

Pink Hijab Day is an annual event designed to encourage Muslim women and men to participate in cancer awareness activities, particularly breast cancer. The event also encourages curious individuals to ask Muslim women about their hijab, or Islamic headscarves.

27th October 2010

The hijab in Islam is a dress-code for both men and women (not limited to a headscarf), requiring that they dress to the modest standard, smartly and with the Muslim identity.

All over the world, Muslims participate by wearing a pink khimaar  - the actual headscarf, pink ribbons, and donating to breast cancer foundations.

Cancer is not the end but it is a heart-stopping reminder that we will not live forever. I make du`a for those of you with cancer and for your relatives and friends who have been diagnosed.

Some simple and effective fundraising ideas: Pink cupcakes, brick-a-brack sales, slumber parties for children, video-gaming competitions, fast-athons... got more?

Ask the divas organising events in your local area on Pink Hijab: Your Neighborhood.

The Pink Hijab Day website.
Pink Hijab Day on Facebook.

Previous PHDs: 2009 Pink Hijab Day in Missouri.


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