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Review: Maysaa.com Fusion Muslim Clothing

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

Seller: Hana from Style Covered has a new clothing range called Maysaa, a cool urban fusion.

I bought the hooded chiffon headscarf aptly named a snood and a bat-winged full sleeved top. I pre-ordered them both so hurray at discounts for me.

The white batwing top with detail (*sale price £25)
The black snood (*sale price £19)

It arrived in crinkly packaging. Music to a woman's ears.

Batwin Cons: It's too short. This could only be worn with a boho skirt since it sticks to my rear-end and I'm a trousers' woman so everything gluteus maximus behind me looks like it's in orbit. The belt is irritating since its practicality is overshadowed by the natural stretch of the top and the fact that it hangs like an unfinished seam. I took it out. Lastly (I am sorry sister Hana) the pleat detail at the neckline of the top has little dramatic value and therefore is not needed. The model on Maysaa looks hot in it though.

Pros: It's gorgeous to wear and feels yummy. It's loose enough and deceptively thin, so much so that I thought it was transparent and had to have a modesty-check. No worries there. Full sleeves - very good, the actual batwing sleeve looks cool (if you pretend to be Batman) and is breathable, a whisper of a belt - it's more for show, and a high neck - no modesty worries there either. 6

Snood Cons: It takes 3-5 minutes to put on because I have a head that gets in the way; women love ease: chuck it on, zip it up done! But the snood is designed for smaller heads (or maybe mine inflated with bad karma) so it's suffocating around the neck and back with not much room for a head of hair either. The design is such that you wear it like a balaclava/bike helmet, zip it at the back over your neck and hang the attached chiffon sash over your head to add a layer over the neck. The zip catches, tying your hair into a bun fails therefore you might want to consider cutting it, and the sash does not give enough neck coverage, not for me anyway, I like my neck to be underneath my chin, not part of my exposed face. But again, perhaps it's my abnormally shaped design.

Pros: Despite the complaint, the snood is a truly brilliant concept with much room for development. The only other similar hijab-twist is the 'hoojab' by a sister from London. Hers is a rectangle shawl with a hood stitched into one end; Maysaa is more of a head-boot with decoration - and it looks prettier and does not require pins, needles, buttons, tying or measuring. The snood is thin, flimsily dainty so it flutters easily and can be pulled over to one side for that Spanish look the model wears. 7

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Maysaa.com or Stylecovered.com, these are entirely my opinions and reviews of the products purchased.


  1. Snood looks like nice... Good buy!

  2. having ordered from maysaa before - i have been shocked by the delivery service. Through no fault of my own i was sent the wrong garment. I was told that a courier would arrive today between 1-6pm gmt. I paid someone to collect my children from school therefore incurring costs only to receive an email after 2.30pm to say collection was no longer feasible. I am now expected to incur further costs and take up more of my time as I wait for a courier another day. The cost of paying someone else to collect my kids from school is great than the garment itself. Yet Maysaa customer care team seem unable to see past their "email problems".


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