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I Attended Another Al-Maghrib Course

The venue: Bradford Academy, providing a 'university' learning environment (plug, plug)

My family and some old college friends have been attending Islamic courses for several years religiously. I've joined in too but for whatever feeble reason didn't take part regularly. This has a seriously painful effect on the faith and demure of a Muslim woman. This year however I took the bait, enrolled online and sat with 150 other people, refilling that spiritual void.

*BREAKING NEWS* I am the newest member of the Al-Maghrib Institute, alhamdulillah! Al-Maghrib are based in the US with centres around the planet, recently joining the UK and heading up north into Scotland, for more information {CLICK HERE}.
Al-Maghrib's 'The Eternal Journey' course is a study of the 29th volume of the Quran, which is called 'juz tabarak'; it's a double weekend seminar, hosted by Sheykh Reda Bedeir from Egypt, and taking place now in Bradford, UK; Sheykh Reda is on Facebook - frikkin' awesome, I know. For all you Englanders, Bradford is no doubt the Pakistan of Britain, hence the endearing nickname: Bradistan.

The first weekend of the course was 23-24th January, which I attended and the second is this week, 30-31 January, so insha'Allah I'll have more news on the mind-blowing information I learn. This week I'll throw around the top tips and Quran ayat I personally picked up. Below are some images I took of the event:

The Sisters Only entrance. Finally, some legitimate gender bias (!)

Brothers at the front, sisters at the back, all listening to the Sheykh recite verses about accountability... (Surah Mulk, Surah Qalam)

Announcement time... "Please donate to the Treward scheme in Palestine & recycle your cups and buy knock-off biryani.. Thank you! Come again!"

Sheykh Reda laughs at his 'shoo-shoo' reference. Shoo-shoo is Shaytan, don't question, just go with it

'Gem' boards are put up for writing short messages about what we learn. Click to enlarge, mine's on the bottom left of the black Gem Board poster...

This is the holy book we study from; containing every surah (chapter) of the 29th 'juz (volume)

And this is my book after my initial attack at it. I adore analysing Quran; I picked up nifty mind-mapping, route-planning and highlighting techniques over the years... I also doodle for 'visual' learning... and use the occasional censored word... Forgive the misspellings.

'Asr time; an Imam leads the jam'ah (congregation) for salah. Photo edited for privacy.

What do you think then? Are such courses worth your time and effort? Do they make a better replacement to university learning?

Zaufishan thinks so.
**EDIT Bradford Academy {MAP LINK}**


Zaufishan | British Muslim Blog


  1. masha'Allah looks amazing.. where is Bradford academy sis?? I went to uni in Bradford, finished 2004.. it looks pretty new but Id love to know where it is.. u up there then?? I would love to go to one of these lectures, Ive heard so much about them masha'Allah

  2. Wow, ma'sha'allah. Looks like a wonderful learning experience and a good time as well. Well, I know I would benefit from such a course; would increase my Imaan for sure, which is always needed and I know I would gain so much knowledge that I don't yet have. Jazak'Allahu Khairan for sharing. Awesome pictures.

  3. Such neat handwriting you have Sis. No surprise there of course, you ladies always have such neat notes even when having to write quickly.
    I've been to Bradford, but only for a day trip, but would love the opportunity to take such a course. *really feels the inadequacy of currently little knowledge*


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