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The Journey of My Soul - Eid Prayer & Celebration

"The day of al-Fitr [i.e. `Eid ul-Fitr], the day of an-Nahr, and the days of Tashreeq are `Eid days for us Muslims. They are days of eating and drinking." [Ahmad, an-Nasaa’ee, Saheeh ul-Jaami` 192]

On these days, the pilgrims complete their rites, Muslims continue with their `Eid celebrations, and are prohibited to fast. "The days of tashreeq are days of eating, drinking and mentioning Allaah." [Muslim]

It is incumbent for the Muslim (who is not performing Hajj) to make every effort to perform the Eid Prayer wherever it is performed, and to be present for the Khutbah (sermon).

It is mustahabb (liked, preferable) for the one who has made a sacrifice to not eat anything on that day before he eats from it, if this is possible, because of the hadeeth, “Let every man eat from his sacrifice.” (Saheeh al-Jaami’, 5349).

This eating should be after the Eid prayer and khutbah. Buraydah radiallahu anhu said: “The Prophet Sallallahu alaihe wasallam would not go out on the day of Fitr until he had eaten, and he would not eat on the day of Adhaa until he had slaughtered (his sacrifice).” Al-Mishkaat, 1/452).

We must know the wisdom behind the legislation of this Eid (celebration). It is a day of thankfulness and performing deeds of righteousness. So, we must not make it a day of wildness, pride and vanity. We should not make it a season for disobedience and increase in the forbidden things like music and singing, uncontrolled amusement and the like - those things which could cause the cancellation of the good deeds done in these days (of Dhul-Hijjah). There is HALAL entertainment, and then there's HALALIFIED entertainment...

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br. Zakia Usmani

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