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Pakistani Joke By Stephen Fry on QI

"In the waiting lounge of a general practitioner four people waited to be called. In walked a young Pakistani man heading to go straight into the surgery. Seeing this, a woman rushed up, grabbed his arm and spoke with exaggerated expression and deliberate English, 'WE-ARE-BEFORE-YOU. IT-IS-NOT-YOUR-TURN. UNDER-STAND?"
To this the Pakistani gentleman nodded and replied in equally deliberate English, 'NO-YOU-ARE-AFTER-ME. ME-DOCTOR. UNDER-STAND?'


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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! Excellent! I love it! Yup, WE DOCS go FIRST into the OR!! ;-)

  2. Plus, I love these shows you have in England. When I go to visit my khala and cousin in London, we always watch these shows - good laughs and informative too!

  3. hahahahhaha...

  4. Ah ha ha ha... ha-ha. *wipes tear*

  5. 1. Muslim doctors :: self-diagnose egotistical symptoms & cure with humble pie.
    2. QI & Mock the week & Top Gear & Press TV & other nerdy stuff: Excellente. Alhamdulillah. If Fry wasn't queer it'd be even cooler.

  6. 1. Very funny sis! I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
    2. Me LOVE Top Gear! OMG, he's a poof? I didn't know that actually - yeah definitely cooler if he wasn't!


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