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Paper-Face, Recycled Portraits

During the same week I spent clearing out family 'treasures' from my studio, I came upon a boxful of primary (first) and high school work. Most of it was binned since I have little use for colour co-ordinating notebooks, pen boxes (in James Dean rebellion, I did not use 'school bags' instead opting for suitcases and pen boxes with handles...) lava lamps and scribbled art from 1989.

This I had to share. Reminds me of a particular artist although I can't remember his name offhand. I was 10-11 years old in an art class. We were given a sheet of scrap paper and told to rip it apart however it felt fit. I almost ate mine. The task was then to throw the papers back together to make a self portrait.

I think I held my beauty in high esteem...

I want to do this again using newspaper and foil. It'll be interesting to 'represent' yourself with recyclables. Collages are equally fun.

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