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Learn Gujarati in 30 days!

My beautiful gloved model exhibiting the funky book
I was having a massive clear-out of the studio I work in and found gajillions of really funky and prehistoric fun stuff...

This book for example - Guji! - made in 1536 or the like, is a 30 day DIY learning Gujarati course which my mother bought.

I like how it's called 'National Integration Series'...

It's so cool and sounds really similar to Urdu/Farsi (what I can speak besides English).

Tumari umar ketlee cheh? = What is your age?

Darwajo = Door

Expect more random Guji lines!

Zaufishan | British Muslim Blog


  1. LOL! oh my gosh, I HAVE THE URDU VERSION OF THIS BOOK!! I used to go through it with my dad, as there were Urdu stories at the end, but thankfully, I've been able to vastly improve (being honest here) my Urdu speaking skills (bit slow at reading Urdu and Arabic still, if its not something I've memorized) the last few years solely based on hearing my parents speak, and practicing with my Nani and other elder family members, as well as several Pakistani classmates I've had recently and of course, with some influence from Indian films.So, um, Sis given your classroom skills that you mentioned in the newer post, can I hire you as a personal tutor for Urdu? :-P

  2. Lol, ya Baba Anees! Bring it on insha'Allah. I have an Urdu one somewhere too, all tattered. Masha'Allah for reading it with Father. Now then, attention! Sit. There, not here, *there*. And begin, 'Mein aik larka hoon, mujhe zabardasti a'skool ki parahi hoti hai, meri Urdu bohath kamzor hai, mein apni behan ke liya dua mangu'ga aur apni kitabein sahi tareeqey se parungha..' =P Ciao Anees bhai, shukran for commenting.

  3. hahahahahahahhaha, Aap boht funny ladki hain behn meri! Jab aapki comment paraha tha, boht hansi arahaa tha mujko! Aapki Urdu boht achi hai ma'sha'allah. Shay'd mujko aapki Ammi ke saath parna chaye :-P. Acha, baad mein baath karenga aap se, meri khaas bhen aur naya ustad! Mere taraf se, boht pyar aur barkat aap ki kaam ke liye aur Muslimness ke kamyabi ke liye. *Baba stands & salutes Ustad Zaufishan as she rises to leave the classroom*


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