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Feeding the Nafs with Post-Santa-Celebration-Sale

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

As'salamualaykum! Meaning, Peace Be With YOU. I have pictures from a greedy shopping trip I took on the first day of UK sales: 26th December (boxing day). It's where large department stores get rid of their crap from the last year at stupid prices by luring in Kwissmassy members with bright lights. For two years the radio has blared with 'economic recession' but that didn't stop 20,000 extra people chucking their life savings on glitter and fabric on that glorious day.

Here in England, window shopping alone in one large-ish town would take at least 2 days to achieve, and to appreciate the history, architecture, exhibitions, blah blah blah. I spent 2-3hrs in one shopping mall to get the same job done (we learn to plan, strategise, and shop, shop, shop). The department-shopping-mall-thing had a glass roof therefore no rain or snow attacked *alhamdulillah* and 50+ loverly eye candy stores were a stone's throw away.

Mind the blurry photos; I didn't take my camera with me, instead using the phone camera.

Driving in the snow was still difficult.

Some areas of UK, especially Scotland are still snowed in.

The highest point in my hometown is a hill with a Roman castle that the council have wanted to knock down for years.
It's the tiny brick shape in the centre - also completely covered in snow (melting now, wohoo)

A local park. This would have made a brilliant shot if I had better resolution - the hill-scape in the background looks beautiful in white.

Shops are still
decorated in eye-torturing decorations. Apparently fluorescent pink, yellow and glow in the dark green -which were hip in the 80s'- are all the rage for shoe wear, underwear and leg wear. Yuck.

More shoddy decorations outside.

Magnificent stuff that I didn't buy but oogled over
The spangles in... All Saints and Next.

Gorgeous, or what? Me wanted to eat them.

Stuff I did buy

1 x baggy hat thing. A beret I believe, with a flap. A "blap"?

Trying on fake leather jackets. Black - no, dark brown, YES.

The phoars

See the printed stiletto on the left? Originally £120. I know! It's frikkin' uber-rock-glam-chic.

Beautifully classy shoes by... Espirit, or Linea, or Phase Eight, I don't know.

Nice to look at, crap to wear. Men shouldn't be allowed near them either.

Cute shoes in Barratts. I like green.
It's funny to see grown women charge towards shoe-sale racks. Their hair and grandma bags flapping, a look of pale desperation and urgent greed in their eyes. Someone needs to write a drama on it.

This tee is by Fire Trap. I don't even remember how much it was, although I remember thinking for '1.5yards of printed cotton, it IS priced extortionately high'. I like tees with dramatic slogans on them. This one had something rude on it though. Yayy for blurry picture.

The 'designer' brands... Whatever the hell that means.

There were other fab places. Hot chocolate and sliding down escalators were on the menu. My Mother tried on scarves and hats (pictured above) and I walked around wearing my newly bought jacket and hat, with all the labels still attached.

Hoping your sales' experience was equally bland and materialistic, insha'Allah.

Question: What's the most you've spent on clothing for yourself?

Zaufishan's Muslimness

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  1. I haven't spent more than.... £40 on a single piece that I've paid for. My parents once bought me a leather trench coat that was £100 and my grandma bought me a pair of leather boots that cost £120...

    Yes I still have them and they are of high quality!


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