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Whole Grain - Poem

By Rasheed Moore. (He's on Facebook)

Whole Grain

I'm Like White Bread

Made With Whole Grain

Blessed With The Nutrients

To Nurish Your Brain

Other Words Enter The Vein

Just Like Rock Cocaine

Drive You Insane

Until You Kurt Cobain

Words Said In Vain

May Entertain The Mundane

But I've Been Ordained

To Regain The Inane

See I See Myself

As A Man Gone Fishin'

Endowed With The Vision

To Give The Prescription

I'm Not Just The President

I'm Also A Client Of My Own Transition

See This Ain't The Encryption

Of An Egyptian Inscription

These Words Are Clear Diction

Nowhere Near Fiction

Sparked By The Ignition

Of Those On A Mission

To Change Our Condition

Through The Thread Of Tradition

Inspired By The Conviction

Of My Own Submission

Allowed To Reach Your Ears

By Allah's Permission

This Is An Art Exhibition

This Ibn Taymiyya

Against A Greek Logician

This Is The Energy

Of Nuclear Fission

This Is Street Intuition

Combined With Precision

And The Sweet Swing Rhythm

Of A Jazz Musician

This Is In Recognition

Of Another's Transmission

This Is The Composition

Of My Raw Ambition

This Is Faith In It's Purest Form



1 comment:

  1. Awesome Ma'sha'allah. Sounds like a rap (at least I rapped as I read it - it was silent rapping though! haha).Shukran for sharing


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