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Poetry In The Fire People, Mahals And Football

fire people book poetryI took out a book from the library a couple of weeks ago and in usual Zauf'fashion took to reading the last few days before the fines pile up.

'The Fire People' is an edited book of various "black" poets' poetry (I write "black" for I feel that's a racialist slur too).

I really like the poems because like the cover they're fiery, mega rage and venom packed.

The poets write about prison, abuse, faith interpretations, mothers, love, sex, language barriers, even male bonding! Topics that are either taboo or sweeped into floorboard cracks for being bland.

Talking of Male Bonding, by Kadija Sesay,
Sex Work Football Cars
Football Sex Cars Work
Work Cars Sex Football
Cars Football Work Sex

Weirdly, the non-"black" poet Shamshad Khan made it in. Still, kudos alhamdulilah. Her poem Silver Threads is a captivating piece. You can hear the narration on Salt Publishing.

Together we built a palace
Domes and minarets
Tiny blue tiles and mirrors.

Hand in hand
Warm feet
On cool floors.

Ran up stairs to call
From towers piercing skies.

Rushes through gardens
Pomegranates and white flowers
Ruby sweet pungent scent.

Trailed feet in fountained water
And when night fell
Argued about how many stars
Embroidered the sky.

Sari like folds from the heavens
To drape us
Liquid blue chiffon
And silver threads

We lay and unthreaded
How rich we were
Silver knots
Untied piled high

It was whilst I was lying thus
Stars in my hands

And the heavens
On my lap

That you left.

I searched amongst the reams
Of translucent hope
Fearing at first that you had been smothered

Or like a baby
Choked on a silver thing.

I searched our palace for years.
No longer ours
It became mine.

All hope lost
Single voice ringing
Echoes returned
Thrown from wall to wall.

I gathered our treasures and hid them in my purse.

Silver bits
Spangled love.

Proof that I had not dreamed alone.

I like this. For many reasons. Its layers, imagery, meanings and colour.
Expect more poems... I'm in awe.

Zaufishan | British Muslim Blog

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  1. Wow, such a beautiful poem. Yes please post more Sis Z.


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