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Scarborough Trip, UK

Last week I spent a day in Scarborough, a picturesque town on the coast

It's a really small town on the east coast, like a village really and is situated next to a bunch of other equally cute coastal towns like Whitby as well being plonked within the gorgeous North Yorkshire Moors. Here are some of the photos I took..

A guy has been touring the seasides making really large scale sand-models of planes, buildings, statues and people. Pictured above is a WWI fighter plane. Cool. Pity the tide came in and ate it up.

This is the 'pirate' ship from which we made "argghh" sounds around the bays. Very calming masha'Allah.

We took a ride on the Ferris Wheel, as per tradition, and I got fantastic shots of the docks from above.

My Muslim family swimming and paddling in the sea as the tide came in really fast. The water came up to the wall barrier and crashed all over the place. If only I were a surfer! And that tiny building on the horizon is Scarborough Castle.

Travelling to and from Scarborough provided us with be-a-youtiful English views of cities and the ruralness of hills. I like living in England, alhamdulilah, there's just enough balance of cr*ppy weather and picturesque lands. Allah has put me here for a reason and as soon as I resist calling it cr*ppy, I'll make hijrah. *Kidding.

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  1. Wonderful pictures. Sounds like you had a nice time with the family, ma'sha'allah. Always nice to get away . . .England: want crappy weather and beautiful landscapes that are to die for? we've got tons of both! Come on over!


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