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My Days In Teachering

As an additional responsibility to my uni course I joined a Students' Associates Scheme at a Muslim faith school.

Basically it was "practice teaching" for those interested, minus the insane typical paperload that comes with it.

I remember reading the Teaching notes my mother gave me before hand and they included a really stupidly funny rule book (image).

Textiles coursework created by students 16-18yrs old. It's very cool. For close ups of all the images click here.

Feversham College is an all girls' Muslim faith school in Bradford, UK. It has a good ethos, received some stick in the media for 'shutting out' students from the world (partly true) but has mega coverage for the high league tables and exam results.

I asked to take part in Food Tech lesson, it was fabulous.

A class of 28 12yrs olds baked strawberry & white chocolate muffins, as well rubbishy 'healthy' muffins made from wholegrain flour and no sugar. Yeuck.

The College really pushed for an 'Islamic ethos'. The walls are plastered with Ahadith, Quranic ayat, fundraising charts and images of the Muslim world, news, projections of Islamic ettiquete et. It looks really solid, but in practise, I seriously doubted the Muslimness of the whole school.
All in all, a valuable experience - I passed the scheme too! Yayy. I taught at a school a couple of years ago for a whole term, that was great but strenuous. I don't think I could go full time into my parents' teaching careers. Two nerds are enough.

Zaufishan ★

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  1. As salaamu alaikum Sister Zaufishan! LOL "two nerds are enough" you are a funny one indeed. Wow though, I must say, this is really impressive, what you've done. Thanks so much for sharing this piece of your life with us, its very insightful and informative. I guess it's fascinating to me since we don't have much of this in the States. However, our local Islamic institution is doing quite well and is ranked well each year when the school rankings and such are published. So far, the only manner in which I'm involved is that there is a college scholarship that's been established in my late father's name, so I hope that this will be an avenue to participate in an Islamic school in the future, once I establish myself.
    Anyways, Feversham sounds like a nice place and whether or not its Muslimness is genuine, its nice to see such things. The textiles look amazing.


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