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Yusuf Islam's Truthiness...

Much praise for The Colbert Nation whose host, Stephen Colbert interviewed age-old British pop-singer Yusuf Islam, formerly known as the funky Cat Stevens.

Colbert was "sweet" & satirical as usual but wise enough to allow Yusuf a voice for what Islam truly stands for: Peace. As his brilliant new album Roadsinger was recently released, Yusuf sang, yes, he sang with a guitar *haraam police alert*, a beautiful song to American audiences. About darn time... 

And contrary to Colbert's jokingly criticism, Yusuf is not a coward although we do love him. His acceptance of Islam simply took him another direction away from his musical talents for a while. Now he's back. Hurray! 
To listen to the interview - click here. All UK residents, click here

With peace. 

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