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Sidrat-ul Muntaha, The Ultimate Lotus Tree

As an avid reader, especially of theological and scientific knowledge, I have been hijab-deep in a Sufi's interpretation of God. He is omnipresent, trandscendent and omnipotent, which are divine traits also argued by the design argument. Among my reading collection is how Sufis interpret life beyond the Universe and heaven. One description inspired me to sketch out the description of heavenly gems, an image which the majority of Muslims believe exists.

The author spoke about a heavenly tree, bordering the edge of comprehensibility as a signpost leading to God. This tree in Arabic is called 'Sidra tul Muntaha'; immensely tall, covered in gems, with boat-shaped leaves the size of planets, and its elephant roots bursting into the four famous rivers on Earth: Kafoor, Salsabeel, Kauthar and Tasneem.

Well, this was my depiction mid-way to completion.

I will be silk painting or printing this on a canvas around 3-4m in length.

British Muslim

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  1. it's beautiful, mashallah. and i'm not only saying that because my name is Sidra. ;)


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