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Arctic Winds

February derives its name from the latin februum, which means purification or cleansing and reflects the rituals undertaken by the Romans before Spring.

This month has begun characteristically with the flood of winds coming from up north - I've been ranting on about the UK's awkward position on the globe for years. Snowstorms like the one we've been having is why. 'Arctic winds', the low temperature and massive pressure means we get only two seasons: Autumn & Winter.

It's all a MasterPlan of God, and albeit it can make the future climate uncertain, it's such beauty it takes your breath away. So snow was on the menu. Wohoo(!)

The snowmen collection this year included creating lifelike impersonations of the siblings. I'm related to these things, hmm.

How was February's Winter-wonderland for you?

With peace, snow, salam.

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