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The Arab, the Jew & the.. Chicken?

Shalom, salam... cluck cluck?

From the Arab & Israeli Theatre Collaboration, an innovative and poignant production has sprung around the nation over the last few years, bringing the conflicting Israel/Palestine events, and stories, to audiences in brutally honest and hilarious acting.

The founders, Ofer Yatziv, Nour Alkawaja, Jana Zenadeen and Rebecca Gross speak about their humble beginnings:
Our Story... On a chilly London October night in 2006 a Palestinian, an Israeli and a Lebanese got together over a shared desire to create theatre that addressed the conflict in the Middle East from a comedic perspective. And so over a hot cup of coffee and some muffins, Conflict Relief was born; a theatre group comprised of Nour, Ofer and Jana; three passionate performers with strong voices and an even stronger drive to highlight the absurdities of the region through comic relief.

And the introduction of poultry? I would add more to the value of this neutral character, but I missed the show! Darn it. Check out The Arab, the Jew and the Chicken trailer, and for nearest shows, browse their site.

Shalom, salam & cluck cluck!

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