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Ramadhan - Day 4: Date-ing

God Bless the Asians for their diverse culture and awesome foods; God Bless the Arabs for producing raw ideas and being overly-confident, and God Bless the Europeans for commercialising everyone else.

I almost hit my date limit yesterday, or 'Khajoor' in Urdu, taking in one after another without stopping for air. It's such a buzz eating what I call these 'holy foods' - mentioned in the Quran and growing naturally, olives, honey, dates and figs are oh, so hmm.

The date-ing tho, with each date having no less that 24 calories, was a bit too much holiness for one evening. I bought a 5kg box thinking it would last out a couple of weeks... minimum. Day 4, and I'm down to the last 20 squijymified dates.

Next week I'm sticking with beans on toast.

Dates bought from other countries are totally cool though, don't you think? They're clashing colours and 'Eat Me Now' logos; nothing like the 'organic - environmentally - friendly' foods I get thrown into normally.

Check out these 'Asphikan' dates from Iran and the fabulous English. On the side of the box it reads 'Warn: Any Copy or Imitation Will be Followup Legally'.
Anyone got any other interesting Date boxes?
Happy Fasting!
Peace be with you.

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