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Ramadhan - Day 3 - "Shukr & Sabr..."

...Are wonderful things#" says Zain Bhika in his Mountains of Makkah album. And indeed they are when used properly, when fully understood and appreciated. I absolutely adore the concepts and wish everyone knew about the reward they bring. Alhamdulillah.

Talking of songs - you should really check out Dawud Wharnsby's music history, especially his older albums such as "Blue Walls and the Big sky", written in the 90's. It's so soulful and lyrical, ranging from song about death, the american dream, and a really intimate advice filled song 'Assess Your Life'. Listen to them on CD Baby.

I've spend today saying shukr* to Allah and showing sabr* throughout the fast. Insha'Allah* I should be able to conquer the remaining fasts.. ignoring yesterday's tantrum-episodes. Stoopid food and stoopid tiredness.

Waiting patiently for breaking the fast now - Asr salah* was magnificent. Uplifting in a 'gives you wings' sorta way.

Till tomorrow,

*Shukr, Arabic word meaning 'thanks'
*Sabr, Arabic word meaning 'patience'

*Asr Salah, the late afternoon prayer for muslims (1 of 5 daily obligatory prayers)

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