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Language Styles of the Quran

Why does Allah refer to Himself as "We" in the Qur'an?
  • A pronoun; "We/Us/Our" in Arabic is written "ـنا" and read as 'naa'.
    • Examples:  Nansakhu = "We cause to be abrogated" (2:106)
    • Khalaqnaakum = "We created you" (49:13)
  • It signifies a plural, but there is always One God. It is not a grammar mistake.
    • One can say "we" are happy, or "you have pleased us".
    • Similar to the Urdu word "hum" that can also be used for one person.
  • It is the dignified speech of a King, just as any monarch refers to him/herself (the Royal We).
  • He communicates to people with the highest authoritative position
  • Allah's majesty and importance is shown. This is not polytheism.
  • Allah is the ultimate power - He speaks to us in the most beautiful way.

Then why does Allah use the word "Me/I" too?
  • When Allah gives a command, an order, a rule or a warning, He uses the mighty pronoun "We..." to show His powerful status.
    • Example: Arsalnaaka = "We have sent you" (21:107). POWER
  • But when Allah speaks directly to His creation and lets them know He is aware, He uses a personal "Me/I am" to signify His love and compassion for us.
    • Example: Ad`oonee = "Call upon Me; I will respond to you" (40:60) LOVE

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