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Review: Saynt Nalayn's Messenger Bag

A short and honest review of the Desert Messenger Bag available from Saynt Nalayn.

During Mawlid season this Saynt Nalayn bag was featured and on offer. As I'm currently in student-mode and a discount-queen this bag looked ideal. Here is what I thought of it, should anyone wish to purchase one too.
  • The main opening is zipped. Bag size is approx 14" (L) x 11" (H) x 4" (W)
  • The bag has three main internal compartments; a separate outer zipped pocket underneath the flap; the main pocket is also zipped and divided to create two spaces; one is fairly large, spacious enough for carrying 2 x A4 files
  • One small 8" zipped pocket is sewn into the back (inside), hanging from the top
  • Two smaller unfastened pockets 9"(D) x 6" (W)are visible on the external back
  • A large Velcro-fastened flap with the embroidered 'Nalayn' (shoe/sandal) logo
  • An adjustable strap of durable material and metal ring-tie
  • Bag design is made with material similar to corduroy with single white stitching

'Nalayn' means pair of shoes, in this case, the Prophetic sandals turned into the well-known iconic logo

  • If not fastened down, the large flap can be a slight nuisance and gets in the way of finding things quick.
  • The full-length zip fastening needs two hands to open/close and curls at times at the end, meaning you need to take the bag off to uncurl and zip the bag
  • Bottom base needs sturdy material so bag can stand upright without falling
  • Although 2 x A4 folders can fit into the main pocket, this is a snug (quite tight) fit and leaves little room for anything else
  • White stitching is beginning to unravel after 3-4 months of constant use
  • The bag needs another form of stability in its full length so that single papers and thinner materials can be carried without being creased (although this is a minor issue)
  • Back has ample space for everything a young Muslim student needs to carry, including craft tools, knives, card, thick books, painting equipment and measuring gear. Yep, all that.
  • Textile materials used are durable and of high quality. Bag therefore survives plummeting falls and being thrown around and heavy weights
  • 'Nalayn' logo is machine embroidered with high quality satin stitching and backed; it does not irritate and threads do not become undone
  • Gold coloured metal zips are also durable and zips are stitched well
  • Overall bag design is unique, brilliant and ergonomically successful
My rating: 5/5. An excellent bag, highly recommended. Ma-sha-Allah.

See more products {Saintnalayn.com}

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