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You Need: Imam Ghazali's Book On Love, Longing, Intimacy & Contentment

I bought Al-Ghazali's 36th book titled 'Love, Longing, Intimacy and Contentment' in 2013. 

This is one of 40 books from his renowned Ihya, written almost 800 years ago. Allah have mercy on him. 

I imagined prophetic secrets for the Divine that one could only envision was granted to saints. Ghazali revealed to me however, in my humanly reading and understanding, just a microscopic speck of Allah's immeasurable compassion is always around me and for me, and that existed before all of time did, for everyone. 

I highly encourage readers to buy this book as a keepsake of showing love for God, to pass on to your children and grandchildren. 

Why read this book & Who is Imam Ghazali?
  • Full name: Abu Haamid Muhammad, son of Muhammad At-Tusee Al-Ghazali, was sadly orphaned at a young age but he and his brother Ahmad, went on to become great teachers and authors. 
  • Born in modern day Iraq in the 12th century (that's almost 900 years ago!), Imam Ghazali wrote close to 80 books himself, he visited Madina, and chose to live a life of simplicity and thus, became a reviver of faith and spirituality that was desperately needed.
  • If we had the likes of Imam Ghazali today, it would be a revolution of the soul and society would melt. 

Back of the book cover and introduction to Imam Ghazali.

Two-minute Summary
Loving Allah is not a whimsical emotion. It manifests itself in how you follow the Shari`ah. Obedience to the closest ones around you, shows them your loyalty and love. I read a description recently that implies an answer similar to this; how much should you read the Qur'an? Equivalent to the amount of happiness you seek. 

Likewise, how do you become close to God? Know that He is always close but our actions need to reflect what is in our hearts.

It's that simple. But how difficult to implement. 

There are nineteen chapters with a foreword and detailed bibliography to reference every Qur'an verse, poetic quote and Ahadith

Favourite quotes
God's statement, He Loves them and they love Him' indicates that love for God does exist, as does His statement and those who believe are the most fervent in love of God'" [page 5]

'No one who does not know God in this worl will see Him in the next... No man shall be raised up except in that condition in which he dies, and no man will die except in accord with how he has lived' [page 61]

Ibn al-Mubarak said: 
You disobey God while you proclaim His love.
Upon my life! this is wondrous among acts!
If your love were genuine, you would obey Him. 
The lover is obedient to the one whom he loves.
In this sense it has also been said:
I forgo what I crave for what You have craved.
I am pleased with what pleases You though my soul be vexed' [page 111-112]

When someone asks you 'Do you love God?' keep quiet. If you say no, you are guilty of disbelief. If you say yes, you characterise yourself in a way which true loved would not use. Beware of being hateful!' [page 113]

Fear is sometimes thought to be contrary to love. This is not so... [page 120]

Love means to keep God continuously in mind' [page 189]

Saari said, "The man who love God live; the man who inclices to the world is empty-headed. The smart man searches out his failings; the fool goes out in the morning and returns at evening in nothingness." [page 190]

Jazakallah, Allah reward you for reading.

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