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72 Signs You're A Qur'an Lover

signs of loving quran hadith ayat

‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud said:

"You recognise the Qur'an reader when he stays up worshipping at night while others remain asleep, and he observes voluntary fast during the day when others feast.

He is mostly heavy hearted, while others merrily celebrate the attractions of this passing world. He cries when others laugh, he is silent while others mix truth with falsehood, and he is humble and meek when others walk around exhibiting haughtiness/disdain/arrogance.

In fact one who reads the Qur'an is contemplative and despondent; he is wise, forbearing, knowledgeable and mostly quiet. Such one is neither coarse [harsh] nor slumberous [lazy] and he is not boisterous, vociferous [loud], or argumentative.”

The Beauty of the Righteous and Ranks of the Elite, an english translation by 'Shaykh Muhammad al-Akili' of the book "Hilyat-ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat al-Asfiya" by 'Imam Abu Na'im al-Asfahani,' a 10th century scholar
[Hilyat al Awliyaa pg 110 #245]

-Ibn al-Jawzi condensed it into 'Sifat as-Safwah.'
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Full text and infographic below.

72 Signs You're A Qur'an Lover
  1. Your Qur'an is your best friend
  2. You carry a travel-size Qur'an wherever you go
  3. You read the Qur'an when someone is born 
  4. Your Qur'an has pencil notes in the margin and coloured post-it markers
  5. You don't let anyone else borrow your Qur'an for fear they won't return it to you or fold its pages and make their own notes in the margin
  6. You have one special Qur'an copy that was given to you during Hajj but still looks and smells pristine
  7. You have two more Qur'an copies that are tattered and sellotaped
  8. You memorise quotes and their references because they are meaningful to you
  9. You fall asleep with the Qur'an on your face, at your desk, on your prayer rug, on the grass, in the neighbour's shed
  10. You feel guilty when you're not in wudhu
  11. You own a t-shirt that says "2:191" and another with "4:36"
  12. You read one verse once and learn months later another hikmah in double, triple, quadruple amounts
  13. You studied the etiquette of how to read the Qur'an before you opened it and studied it again as an adult
  14. You discover the root meaning to a word and tell everyone excitedly why J-H-D doesn't mean holy war
  15. You read the Qur'an when you're scared
  16. You read the Qur'an when you're in love
  17. You feel like parts of the revelation were sent specifically to you
  18. You attend every Qur'an related conference that you can
  19. Your hobby is to make posters, flashcards, mind-maps, a-diagrams, flow-charts, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations on every Quranic verse
  20. You begin talking about a Qur'an chapter to an atheist in the hopes it'll spark conversion
  21. You talk to your Qur'an
  22. You feel your Qur'an talks back to you
  23. You got excited when you realised both 'Al' and 'At' mean 'the'
  24. You bore people with your 'did you know in the Qur'an...?' dinner party humour
  25. You buy every English translation of the Qur'an ever printed
  26. You compare English translations of the Qur'an and highlight all the incorrect words
  27. You name your kids after each surah. Fatiha, Maryam, Najm, Tariq, Ya-Sin, Kauther, Talaq...
  28. You begin to discover the calculable mathematical magic behind the Qur'anic numbers
  29. You only talk to relatives who "get" the Qur'an like you do
  30. You begin conversations with "So, what Juz' are you reading at Madrassah?"
  31. You bookmarked every Qur'an website in a special Qur'an links folder
  32. You bought the Qur'an digital pen thinking it'll gift you with Qari reciting skills. But it didn't
  33. You printed out every Qur'an related article and organised it in 17 colour co-ordinated folders
  34. You cut out Qur'an essays and filed them in a scrapbook
  35. You lock the doors and open the windows then blast your favourite Qur'an recitation on digital loudspeakers with surround sound and woofers
  36. Your neighbours have asked you at least twice to reduce the volume to 'that opera you listen to'
  37. You read the Qur'an when you're oppressed
  38. You bought the entire Tafsir collections by any of the great classical Qur'an interpreters
  39. You cry a little when your sibling creases a page from your Tafsir book
  40. You get so ticked when your friend closes the Qur'an from in front of you that you punch them
  41. You favourited all the Masjid al-Haram Qur'an recitation videos
  42. You learnt tajweed rules from a teacher who made you cough/vomit/choke for not getting the 'Ha' guttural enough
  43. You learnt tajweed again from a friend who boosted your melody
  44. You learnt tajweed again from the YouTube guy who made you change 'Z' to 'Dh'
  45. You don't say Koran, you say 'Qurr-aaain' and correct everybody else's mispronunciation
  46. Your wall calendar and desk calendar have a different Qur'an ayat for all 365 days
  47. Your phone ring-tone is the Tasmiyah because 'music is haram'!
  48. You read the Qur'an when it rains
  49. You asked your uncle to buy you a Qur'an CD collection on his trip abroad
  50. You made a mixed tape/CD of Qur'an Surahs for your friend/spouse/self
  51. You are a Hafidh[zh] and wish you knew the entire translation
  52. You are a Hafidh[zh] and wish you could implement every Quranic command
  53. You wish you were a Hafidh[zh]
  54. You annoyingly email your Shaykh to ask him the meaning behind verse 4:31
  55. You use the Qur'an as a cure. For everything
  56. You hang Qur'anic verses on a wall of every room
  57. You send people letters (yes, I do), texts and birthday cards with Qur'anic verses written inside with the message "Look these up! ^_^"
  58. You go through all 3 phases of Qur'an studying: Excitement, Seriousness, Action
  59. You look up Quranic evidence for whether or not you can say 'Happy Christmas'
  60. You feel 'full' after reading the last 17 chapters
  61. You can only read Surah Rahman in your bestest most beautifullest voice because nothing else will do
  62. You gave your deaf/blind friend a Qur'an in braille
  63. You are too embarrassed to recite Qur'an in front of your dad, the masjid imam
  64. You are way too confident in reading the Qur'an in front of your potential wife
  65. You practise your opening and closing du`a for Qur'an reading 500x
  66. You know that a heart can only love Qur'an or pop music, not both
  67. You know when your heart wants to hear Qur'an - it aches
  68. You use surah Ikhlas and Kafirun as comeback for all haters
  69. You recite Qur'an in your not-my-best-voice in your car, in a queue, when doing the dishes, when you're panicking
  70. You read Qur'an when you're lost
  71. You recognise other Qur'an lovers because you all have spiritual antennae
  72. You don't know that you're a Qur'an lover. But you do now.

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