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Where Is The Woman's Reward?

God's reward for Muslim women
Men have Jihad, Sadaqah, and the status of Shaheed. Where is our reward? What did Prophet Muhammad really teach people about a woman's rank?

I listened to a gripping lecture when I was 15 which began with 'But men forget'. I never remembered the speaker's name. The core topic surrounded the Qur'an verses on controlling one's sight, that is, lowering the vision. Recently I found the whole lecture and made a few key notes. Lo and behold, it's by shaykh Hamza Yusuf H. Read below.

Hijab Is A Do-Not-Enter Sign For The Eyes

When a woman follows a manner in hijab, in clothing and etiquette, she actually protects men.
It is because of men's weakness that the hijab was given. In reality, women are stronger in Shahwa (passion, urges), but the modesty component in them is greater which prevents them from doing the same things as men without restraint.

In all truthfulness, our Muslim women are oppressed. This is a fact. And I believe, Muslim men, need to deal with this fact because we are going to lose our women. We are going to lose our women to the forces that are telling them they are oppressed. Their ideas of oppression are not the same as ours because they think the hijab and modesty is backward.

In a culture that says take off all your clothes, who are you taking off all your clothes for? Vision. Vision is occupation. You can occupy something that is not yours with your sight. 

If you, a man, look at a woman [who is not in hijab], you occupy her body. And Allah is saying: That is not your property. Therefore, keep out. And the sign for this is the hijab. Respect it.

But Men Forget. Or 'Reductionist Madness'.

Ibn 'Abbas, THE Qur'an interpreter explained what Allah's command meant in verse 4:34
"Men, you have a degree over women in this command (daraju tut-tunazul), because YOU must give up all their rights to them (women), but don't demand all of your rights from them." ~ Ibn 'Abbas, r.a.
That is the Ta'wi, the understanding of Ibn 'Abbas, who was one who said 'I love to prepare myself and look good for my wife...' There was parity in his relationship, and when push came to shove, he was the one who got pushed, and she is the one who shoved.

But Men Forget.

A Woman's Maqam (Status, station)

When men are already on the track of duty, it feels like men get a head start [in the material], because they are spiritually disadvantaged.

A woman who takes care of her children and her home has the Maqam, the status, of a Mujahid fi sabilillah, a fighter in the way of God. That is according to a sahih hadith in Bukhari. This is where an Ansaari woman came to the Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, Khatiba tul-Arab, and she began to speak publicly. She was chosen from all the women as the most eloquent speaker to go as an official delegate, to speak on behalf of the women in Madina.

When she gave her Khutbah (speech), the Prophet looked at the Sahaba and asked what they thought of this woman. They exclaimed, Subhan'allah. They didn't even have that realisation of women's authority because women did not give khutbah in that society.

They were impressed with her ability to speak in front of an audience, with the courage for oration. He, peace be upon him, told them to watch out! Don't think that you men have this advantage to lead. Women too can bring forth forcefulness and power.

Her spech was on questioning and comparing a woman's duties at home, whereas men have sadaqah, going out fi sabeelillah, jihad, defending the way of God. She argued that it seemed men get much more. All the Qur'an verses say how the Mujahid gets all these rewards.

When she finished her speech, the Prophet said to her:

A woman who takes care of her children and her home, has the station and reward of a man in jihad fi sabeelillah.

Which means, our Muslim men, that if you're at home with your wife, she is getting a reward that is equivalent to a man who's out in battle.

And you're sitting there saying 'Get my tea'.

If you knew the woman's Maqam, YOU would be getting HER tea.

- Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

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