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Useful Qur'an Checklist To Record Your Memorisation

"I totally forgot what I was reading in the Qur'an." Ever said that? I did. That's why I made a productive Qur'an Check-list when I was a teen. I've updated it over the years and it has served me well throughout my memorisation and studying life. Trust me, that's a long, long time.

Tips to using the chart below.

During Ramadan and even outside of it I find that keeping track of my Qur'an reading is a bit of a time-consumer. I don't have all those flashy iPhone apps, even though they are brilliant, to record my reading. Nor do I have a large Qur'an club with which to cross-check each other's progress. I have a smaller group, I prefer individual reading and I like ticking off my goals in a notebook.

I believe organising your Qur'an reading should be enjoyable. What I began with when I was around 13-14 was a colourful chart which I drew straight into my Qur'an book using markers and italic pens. The chart included a column to note specific references to ayaat I began to study and a box to tick off when I completed each section or surah.

This Qur'an book was also my personal record of memorisation techniques, tafsir notes and cool quotes. A little of this has spilled onto this site but most of it is now memorised here *points to heart*.

I feel I am earning another patch in Heaven with each surah I have memorised. So this Qur'an Check-list is a productive resource with which I hope readers can earn reward too. Ameen to that.

Creative Qur'an Study - Tools for Memorisation
  • I need an injection of colour with all my studies, be it molecular sciences or ahadith. I use green for Qur'an and blue for notes as a standard, and once you know which visual tools work for you, use them for every piece of work. 
    • Use green to remember of goal of sakina, peace. 
    • Use blue to motivate yourself with short bullet-points and reminders. 
    • Red is for highlighting more difficult texts and yellow makes "road-maps" to link similar themes. 
    • I use orange for headings, arrows and Tafsir lists.
  • My Qur'an Checklist keeps track of what I have memorised and my `ilm level. Use yours to see how many Qur'an ayaat you read in a week. Write down the number of times each surah was read so you can properly see how much you've accumulated.
  • 'Upcycle' an old scrapbook into a new-ish vocabulary book. In this you make a heading for the surah you're studying and draw a 4 columned table to write the key 'buzz' words of that Surah. Say for example, Surah bayyinah has 50+ different words in its 8 verses. For this visualise about 10 'buzz' words to instantly recall any verse, its translation and tafsir. Use that notebook to make your own vocab lists which will help you to also remember the surah more efficiently.

How To Use The Qur'an Checklist
  • Download the checklist using this link: http://db.tt/EYQvdyAl (pdf, 2 pg)
  • Print in colour (vegetable inks please, I'm Muslim) or print black and white. Glue these pages into your Qur'an study book.
  • Alternatively, save the chart to file on your computer and use it 2-3 times a week to keep track. You can type text onto a pdf. file by clicking the 'SIGN' button on the top menu bar (right-hand side). Type 'X' for completed chapters and type your favourite ayat reference in the space provided.
  • When you have read a surah 100-200 times, memorised it in Arabic and its translation, and studied it tafsir, the laws derived from it and touched upon the grammar: THEN tick and date the final column, 'S' for Studied.
  • Finally, when you've clocked all 114 chapters, you inevitably start again. Unlike a fiction book, passive reading is not intended for a Qur'an, a revelation reminding us to actively engage. After 6 months or a year you can come back to your chart and see how you got on.
The download link to the Qur'an Checklist is: http://db.tt/EYQvdyAl

I make du`a that helps. I need this as much as you so remember me and mine in your prayers too please.

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  1. Assalamualaikum, mashaAllah why didn't I see this in the past?
    Jazakillah khayr for the beautiful and coloring tracker. May Allah
    reward you and your effort to help others ameen.. and may Allah make our
    journey of learning al Quran easy ameen


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