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Salawat Card & Pocket-Book Holder (Ramadan Journal)

salawat darood sharif book prophet dua
Sending salutations upon Prophet Muhammad is one of my Ramadan goals. 

This year, I gathered all the salawat related books and duas I had and compiled them into a neat list. My main tool is the Salawat book by Fisabilillah.org which I can read cover to cover in 30 minutes or so. This book includes translations, transliterations and complete references [which is why it takes 30 minutes to read].

For organisation I made a pocket into my Ramadan Journal to store the Salawat book. I simply cut and folded two pages in half-bottom to top-and covered the pocket with scrapbooking craft paper [available from brand K&Company]. Upon this I used my alphabet stamps to title and print a paisley shape in green.

salawat salam arabic darood dua translation
A Salawat Card is a comprehensive prayer that the reader can tick when read 10x, 20 or 100x a day.

On the next page I printed out a longer prayer of salutations on Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, and for all the anbiya (prophets). This I intend to read a minimum of ten times a day which I am keeping count of by ticking off the simple number chart below the du`a. Ten times might not seem like much but as I will increase the prayer each day, I will be able to memorise it and continue after Ramadan ends insha-Allah.

Ramadan Mubarak and salawat!

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