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Blue Ink Drawing Of 'Allah's' Arabic Name (Final Piece)

islamic art allah arabic painting
This is my final line-drawing of a blue-toned abstract piece centring on Allah's Majestic Name, The Divine.

*Note: with respect to readers with copyright issues I clarify that this design was not intentionally copied from a single source or "my" idea - whoever creates similar pieces, theirs is the unique originality. 

Research was carried out and several other sketches have been made taking inspiration from artists and objects.

All further photos of the work will be taken insha-Allah down to prevent plagiarism issues.

My earlier sketches around Allah's name were free-hand and they developed to the 'Allah' line-drawing using only blue inks. I liked the two-tone blue contrast so I wanted to finalise this sketch before taking it to print or a silk painting. Although I begin on paper whenever I begin design work, the final product is nearly always mixed medium (oil paints, stencils, henna, to name a few), fabric or digitally printed.

In making this humble dhikr reminder I used a set square, a protractor, compass, 0.3mm black ink fine-liner, blotting paper, two ink pens and blue inks in Sapphire and Atlantic. Ink pens such as fountain or Parker pens are stocked by most stationery shops, and any regular non-toxic ink pots will do. Practise with a bamboo calligraphy pen for varying widths and always protect your work by resting your drawing/writing hand on blotting paper.

The final drawing is 12"x12" (1 square foot) with a hand drawn name in simple `Uthmani script.

Inspiration was taken from Moroccan culture, pottery, Islamic libaas (clothing) and henna. I also looked at traditional patterns closer to home; Indian embroidery, Arabic tiling and henna, Celtic geometry and vintage perfume bottles and jewellery.

For me, this is a simple drawing that only reflects my young-ish artistic endeavour, which in comparison to Allah The Artist, is limited and flawed. Almighty Allah though, Who has given me the ability to see colour and interpret it, is The Originator of all creativity, therefore this drawing is a reminder that I am thankful to Allah for His creative blessings on all artists, me, you and all the Earth's imaginative beings.

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