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Study Arabic, Shariah, Hadith and Spirituality With Qibla Online Intensive

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Look Who's Teaching at the Qibla Online Intensive
The 2012 Qibla Online Intensive starts next week (June 19). Some of Qibla's most knowledgeable teachers will be there and all sessions will be live for the full three weeks of this special intensive. That's 3-4 times a week live with a qualified Islamic teacher. So, which Qibla scholars are teaching? And what are they teaching?

Dr. Ashraf Muneeb
The Shariah applies to the reality of our everyday lives. Far too often, you find the way Shariah is taught ignores the reality and the challenges that you confront everyday.

Whether Dr. Ashraf is relating hadith or increasing your spirituality, you'll find that he has the uncanny ability of letting you discover the Shariah in a way that can guide your life.

What is Dr. Ashraf teaching during the intensive?
HDT101: The 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi
SPR101: Introduction to Islamic Spirituality (The Book of Assistance)

Shaykh Farid Dingle (UK)
This up-and-coming young British Islamic expert will give you the substance and the practical details required as you advance in your Islamic education. When you study with Shaykh Farid, you'll discover the results of years of Shariah training.

This son of Islamic converts will show you that it a possible for a non-native speaker to master Arabic; he'll show you someone raised in the West can master the Islamic sciences; and he'll show you that someone who sits with the top scholars can engage the most contentious of debates.

What is Shaykh Farid teaching?
BLF101: Introduction to Islamic Belief
HDT021: Hadith or Fiqh?
LAS111: Introduction to Islamic Worship (Shafii)
LMT101: The Historical Development of Islamic Law
LMT102: The Sources of Islamic Law

Shaykh Zyad Hossen
Shaykh Zyad's studies have taken him from Paris and England to the desert of Yemen. His teaching joins the practical elements of a business degree (a graduate of the Buckinghamshire Business School) with the traditional knowledge he gained studying with a vast array of Islamic scholars. This well qualified Shariah teacher will provide you a step-by-step approach to learning your din in a practical way that will improve your life. (More about Shaykh Zyad Hossen)

What is Shaykh Zyad teaching?
Introduction to Islamic Worship (Hanafi)

Do you want to Get Ahead in your Arabic studies?
Ramadan is coming up and for many Arabic students the 'moment of truth' occurred when they could start understanding the tarawih prayers. Start your Arabic studies now and start understanding Quran and Hadith!
ARB101: Basic Arabic Reading
ARB111: Introductory Arabic

To ensure an intimate learning environment, Qibla are only offering 10 courses for this intensive. And all sessions will be live with your teacher.

Register Now: {Qibla.com/courses}

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