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How To Become The CEO Of Your Life

You know those spam-like business sites with the killer marketing tips on becoming a better "you"? I was attacked by one. This is what it said to me.


C – Conquer your Stress
1) Identify your stresses 
First of all, identify your stresses and where you are at. What are you tolerating? What drains your energy? How would you really love to live your life?

To create changes and balance in your life, first of all you need to be clear on what you want.  If you are living in the red or amber zones, what will it take for you to get to the ‘green’?

2) Set yourself up for success
Set yourself up for success with goals that drive you. People with goals in all areas of their life succeed because they know where they are going. What are your priorities? No one on their deathbed ever wished they had spent more time in the office. When you have a very clear picture of what success and balance look like, you are much more likely to follow through with your action plans. 

3) Think like a winner
Everyone loves a winner. Winners have their own unique success system, rituals and daily habits. They radiate a positive, confident attitude. They refuse to entertain the possibility of failure. They think they can, and know they will achieve the goals they set themselves. They talk positively to themselves and compliment themselves on all the little achievements and hard work they do each day. Their beliefs create their reality. Winners see what they want to happen. Then they live in the certainty that they already have what they want.

E – Energise yourself
Our bodies are the most important piece of equipment we possess.  Learn how to create even more energy in your life.

4) Commit to get fit
Not only does exercise improve your fitness and strengthen your body, it increases your energy level, helps you relax and clears your mind. It is in fact the ultimate stress buster! You will be more alert and better able to concentrate. Three components of fitness you should consider are cardiovascular exercise, strength and flexibility.

Do a fitness activity you enjoy.  Power walk with friends, kick a footy around with your mates, play a team sport or go to a pilates class but most importantly have fun!  The rewards will be yours. 

5) Fuel to perform
Being your best also means fuelling the engine that drives you. Healthy eating and regular exercise are vital for a balanced life.  Fuel your body with premium fuel.  Learn what foods will increase your energy and get you through the stressful times. Be like a cow and graze throughout the day. This helps to raise metabolic rate, stabilise mood and energy levels and reduce any obsession with food. Hydrate little and often too and help avoid fatigue and headaches.  Eat like a winner all the time. 

6) RRR – Rest, Recover, Relax
Energy also comes from a good night’s sleep and rest and recovery. Sleep is essential to allow your body to recuperate and recharge. Just as importantly, take time to slow down, just be, and enjoy the journey and all the important people in your life. Give yourself the gift of time to do what you love doing just for you. Have fun! You must plan for it too. Schedule a date with your partner, time with your kids, time to play sport and time to do nothing, And enjoy it! Relax and chill out and you will be energised to live the life you love.

O – Organise your Life
Time management is a huge work/life balance challenge. The reality is that we all have exactly 24 hours every day. Time can never be recovered so make the most of it.  It is your greatest resource.

7) Organise your work week
Manage your time better and accomplish more of your objectives in less time. Create boundaries, minimise time traps like phone calls and emails. Manage paper flow.  Set up great systems and they will make you. Also throughout the day, take work breaks little and often to be more productive, focussed and make fewer mistakes. Plan your week. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

8) Set up your environment for success
Your environment might be your home, your office, your living room, your computer – the list is endless. Clear the clutter. Have a home for everything. Surround yourself with things that nourish and support you and inspire your creativity. Comfort, decoration, colour, materials, furnishings, light, placement, all make a huge difference. Set yourself up for success.

9) Make it Happen! 
Most of us have goals. If you talk about a goal, it’s a dream. If you write it down, it’s a goal. If you schedule it, it’s a reality. Having conquered your stresses, and how to energise and organise yourself, it’s time now to take action, set your priorities and schedule your goals so your dreams for a balanced life become a reality.

Balance is the key word. Balance doesn’t necessarily mean working fewer hours but gaining more control over when, where and how work is done. When you look back on your life, you remember the times with great friends, the trips you took, the places you visited, the birthdays, the big occasions and all those special moments in time. 
Make the most of your Life.

Be All you Can Be.
Be EXTRAordinary.
- Dr Ann Quinn

Interesting catchphrases and techniques which are definitely true for the confident and happy people around us.

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