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Muslim Baywatch & Prayer In Blackpool (PHOTOS)

During a summer day trip out to the not-as-racist town of Blackpool, I joked, "run on the shore in slow motion as though you were in Baywatch". And they did. "Shaykh" Hassan and his accomplice never fail to disappoint.

See 20+ more photos from Blackpool in July 2011 of what we did and saw.

Blackpool tower and the holy town. While it appears miniscule, I can assure you that climbing that tower to face a glass pane for a floor only brought me out in religious chants.

We didn't just build sandcastles. We built sandmansions, with outdoor pool and driveway.

Blackpool's North Pier of tourist attractions. Midget thing. Muslimah Hulk smash!

The underside to another pier made a great place for hide and seek. This is not to say I participated in such games, but merely observing the greatness of the opportunity.
Oh, look. Crab.

I suggested crab zabiha but the family were all, 'nooo! haram seafood, Zaufishan'. Psssht. Babies. It was lunchtime.

And time for dhuhr (midday) salah. We pray on the beach in turns to keep watch of our stuff. I'm suspicious of anyone topless and wudhu-less.

Back to play in the sea. Like a Google map my compass hand has pinpointed the exact location of the waters. As Blackpool is on the west coast (map), what you're seeing is the Irish Sea, and Ireland, most likely, is on the other side.

Small people collect shells, and write their name in the sand.

Yet again, my name is too lengthy for a simple wide shot. I got to 'fish' and gave up.

Someone should tell Wade.


An artist at work. 15 minutes later I returned to see his creation.

Me: "What is it?" Him: "It's a pyramid". Me: "...It's weird, cr*ppy actually. But, masha-Allah, it looks fun to live in". Him: *exhale* "Well, look at what I had to work with. Gawd, sometimes, you can expect too much from a ten year old boy." Me: "..."

Father ji explained tidal waves, lunar calendars and how to fish. I explained why I was photographing his foot.

Not quite `asr prayer time, so we have a late lunch, mingle with the natives and make unbalanced dhikr over the sea.

Nearly time for `asr salat. My brother spontaneously bursts into a loud rendition of Eye of the Tiger. And when I try to quieten him he shouts for diners can hear, "Stop hitting me!" We have a special, unspoken bond. Alhamdulillah.

As Baywatch as I get.

On Promenade, the main road, several carts are driven by British camels - horses.

Pimpin'. Mind you these days, it's not surprising.

A leisurely walk to Victoria pier, more commonly known as South Pier, takes us to a fairground of rides and competitiveness. Father here is trying to hit me. Unfortunately, violence is a common theme in our interaction.

Last year a couple and young Muslim girls had no problem plunging from this human slingshot. I was to'ally game but I had like... a long dress on and... it was really, really, really, windy.

There's always time for a water slide though! #Feeling hot, hot, hot. I do think this makes a sustainable alternative to showering, a kinda all-in-one-ghusl-ride. A friend and I had a "man wash" idea in school (like a car wash). It could be the next best thing in Islamic fiqh.

Finally, maghrib prayer and a wonderful view from the heights of the ferris wheel.

Time for home. My views of Blackpool have improved and the blessed heat from Allah makes the day a good memory. I wouldn't go that far though. I love Blackpool? Nahi, but I likes it.

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  1. As salaamu aleikum sister, I love the pictures. I was born and brought up in Blackpool and although I haven't lived there for a long time I will always have a soft spot for the place..

  2. As salaamu aleikum sister, I love the pictures. I was born and brought up in Blackpool and will always have a soft spot for the place ..

  3. Trips to Blackpool are becoming a tradition; I too can call it a 3rd, 4th or 5th home. (: Much love sister June, great hearing from you as always. See you on Facebook land!

  4. This was awesome Sis! As always, fun, expressive photos (captions always a laugh!). Abbu-ji is so handsome ma'sha'allah! Stop being violent, lol! 

    Zaufishan Maps > Google Maps :-D

    LOL at "Someone should tell Wade!"

    That looks like a decent place to hang out with the family though - been awhile since a propa' vacation - been to Hawaii twice..these photos though remind me of our past Cali trips.

    Thanks for the pics.



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