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Ramadan And Eid 2011

Ramadan On Kaffir Road
A photo diary of some stuff that happened leading up to, during and after Ramadan and `Eid-ul-fitr of 2011.  No animals or children were harmed in the making of this post; well, one chicken was sacrificed, someone bit a cat and several small people OD'd on jelly sweets. I wasn't involved.

 I live on that side, 2 miles down, a left, down a hill, past a cricket field and burial ground. Pitchered (pictured) is a hub of Arab shops under a train and bridge.

Opposite the central library a man-size game of chess entertains passers-by.

A trip to the open market for fruit is surprisingly buzzing for Ramadan season. I've never seen so many active brown people while fasting.

Indian and Chinese fabrics would make an interesting dress but I'm reusing and recycling my Eid outfit as The Eco Muslim.

A halal sweet stall?! Holy roti. I mean, alhamdulillah. We shoulda come here with larger rucksacks. Bought 5k worth. Ate 4k at iftar. Need to work on abstinence.

Healthy iftars, veggie-sorta-tarian and meat-free iftars were on the menu. My family and I are fitness-health people. This rice and lentil (Indian inspired) meal includes salads we grew ourselves. 

Handmade ear-rings for Eidmas.

I went with blue instead.

Over in The Eco Garden I moved the plants from inside the greenhouse to the gardens.

This year's produce from our garden resulted in some misshapen edible blessings. The Eco Muslim Facebook fans reminded me "normal" is not uniform. We had plenty of tomaytoes, carrots, courgettes, peas, runner beans and this season's first apple! 

Friends and fans received a handmade Eid card with a Khalifa message courtesy of my Ramadan Cookie © Project

I baked these. Recipients shared their responses with photos and a thank you video message. Note new site address: www.TheEcoMuslim.com.

Eid Day: Small shoes tap to nasheeds sung by small people.

Smaller hands are decorated with henna.

The ultimate Eid present for a recovering chocoholic.

Father ji gets his own chocolate. But as he's not a chocolate fan this is a double gift for his children; waste not...

We (all) did colouring in. Goody bags of activity books and crayons make excellent gifts for "children". 

The table spread. (Al-Maidah) This is how the rich (ghani) live. Alhamdulillah for our blessings.

Someone snuck their hand into mine. I didn't mind.

Par-tey. The smallest person in the family tries to pop the balloon. She also tried to eat their cat and kick the dog. (We don't visit much...)


Indian inspired henna for Eidmas. As far as Pakistani punctuality goes, we really need to reschedule our 3am mehndi sessions.

The morning after. Masha'Allah, as Allah wishes, pretty neat.

May Allah bless you and yours.
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  1. I am a newbie Muslim and i want to say thank you so much for Blessing my life with ur posts. They r helpful, enllightening and have such a warmth that .akes me feel welcome in this new family! Alhamduillah! Espcially when i am the only Muslim in my fam and my husb doesnt want me to be so i love to "live" thru ur posts! :)

  2. Gorgeous post, MashaAllah - loved it all.  Eid Mubarak!

  3. Shukran sister Azra. A pleasure as always, hamdulillahi rabbil `alameen.

  4. Now my friend, that feedback is exactly why we share the small insignificant happenings in our Muslim deen (lifestyle). You're part of my family, and you're a human creation of God. Next Eid insha'Allah I'll send you an Eidmas card & cookie. {info@zaufishan.co.uk}. Peace be with you Jenna, stay strong and united with faith, be patient with family.


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