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Me Indian Mehndi-Henna Patterns 2011

Henna for Eidmas
For our Eidmas celebrations (yes I call it Eidmas) I decorated people in a natural tattoo known as henna, or mehndi.
Henna is a paste dye made from the crushed leaves of a tropical mignonette tree. It's safe, temporary, leaves a stained color ranging from pale orange to terracotta brown and is a global Muslim tradition at festivals, particularly in South Asia and North Africa. And I'm Pakistani-Indian-African. Y'don't get more ethnically festive than that.

henna mehndi eid indian pattern paisley
The mehndi is still wet. Waiting for it to dry is just as frustrating as holding a henna cone from 2009 that leaks and should've been binned. Well done me for "waste management". The swirly pattern is a mixture of Indian and Arabic designs.

eid henna artist professional mehndi wedding
My beautiful sister created this pattern on her own arm by herself. Kudos kiddo.

eid mehndi henna celebration indian pakistani design
A close up of the pattern shows leaves, petals and paisleys. You may copy these designs. Right click images to save and find them on flickr, link below.

Merry post-Eidmas. Please continue the Ramadan spirit by donating a small amount to charity each day and maintaining your prayers. Insha'Allah, God willing.

Images {Zaufishan on flickr}


  1. o0o0o so cool. I wish it was socially acceptable for guys to put on henna.

  2. So you're saying that if you saw me walking around with bridal henna designs on me, you wouldn't judge me? Or maybe I can start a masculine henna fad hmm...

  3. Dude, if you were to walk around in a dress, far be it from the likes of I and any human bean to think any less of you. However, a man in drag is haram, therefore limit your femininity to skin decorations however you wish. Be a man. Wear henna.


Thank you. Have you read Muslimness.com?

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