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Cartoon Designs For Little Explorers Magazine

Cartoon designs for Little Explorers children magazine

I was asked by Little Explorers' Editor to create two unique characters as the representatives of the magazine. 'Abdullah' and 'Aminah' are to be the new faces of the 'zine that's based in Canada/London.

Little Explorers 'zine is a Mercy Mission project aimed at young Muslim children with a cartoonesque tv personality.

I designed two sets of characters where one couple was playful, dressed 'average' and the other appears more 'Islamic' in thobe and hijab. They weren't chosen for the 'zine, but I've been told the American designer for the new faces has some great ideas. Masha'Allah. Whatever God wills.

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Images: Property of Zaufishan

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  1. can i using your designed cartoons for Muslim competition eventin my masjid sir...?


Thank you. Have you read Muslimness.com?

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