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Link Love: Illume Magazine

A little promotion of an online magazine I read, learn from and write for.

ILLUME Magazine is at the forefront of Muslim-American media and journalism. 

ILLUME accomplishes its mission by:
 - Creating original, daily news content.
- Sharing the Muslim-American perspective on everyday life.
- Incorporating investigative journalism, expert analysis and in-depth coverage of critical issues.
- Telling stories mainstream media does not have the ability to.
And much more.

ILLUME has a neat dosage of American Muslim culture infused with global events that affect Muslims. Unlike mainstream news there's plentiful of positive and upbeat reports. Whether this is political, entertainment, interviews or eco-Islam, there's an article, vivid video or photo essay that's definitely going to interest you. And the eco-muslimness on ILLUME? That's our job as eco-Muslims (shout out to the Green Prophet team).

Take a look at ILLUME's latest articles:

Do "LIKE" the page for updates Facebook.com/illumemag and follow Twitter.com/illumemag.

Jazakallahu khayr for your support,


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