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Flying Kites With My Parents

My parents are the creative type. My father is the geeky DIY guru, my mother, the cool techy artist. And y'know the saying of "you turn into your parents"? It's inevitable. Here they are attempting to fly my kite (that I made) because, quote, 
"We've been flying kites for years, give it to us, we'll fly it better".

I live here. No, not in the castle but in this pitcher (picture), to the right, offscreen. 
We've often stood at the edge of the hill to catch sunlight and clouds.

Late afternoon, watching the sunset. Asr salat time. This one image contains my first three homes and first school. The Pennines are to the left.

The kite I made in May 2011. Now I have 3 -smiley face-

So, since the location, wind speed and temperature were perfectamundo, we took a shot at flying this plasticky kite...

...And after 20 minutes, gave up. Those flaying arms are signs of quitting.

As the kite was defunct, I turned to my award winning cheerleading dance. 
My family are very proud.

The Edge. Literally; the horizon was the edge over a steep hill. 
The photo may look interesting but my stomach turned in on itself.

Peace and respect and chocolate cake.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, beautiful shots of the scenery. You live in some beaui'ful country Sis ma'sha'allah. My cousins and I used to fly kites in this open area in the middle of the neighborhood. Good memories for sure. Actually the beach would be the best place I think . . .Thanks so much for sharing. 

    LOL @ stomach turning inside out.


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