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Writing to Muslim Detainee Adel Abdel'Bary

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

After writing about the post I received from UK detainees {post link}, I wanted to give due credit to one in particular who has quite a creative talent, masha'Allah. All the more reason to get him out of prison.

This brother is Adel Abdel'Bary. {read Adel Abdel Bary's history here} I've been writing to him for a few months and we mostly trade lists of Quran chapters to read and analyse. Sometimes I will mention a mistake in contemporary Quran translations and he will reply with the dozen or more meanings of such and such Arabic word. It's a fascinating communication process because while these Muslims are detained - Adel has been in prison for 11 years without charge - it opens a university of focused studying on spiritual and life matters. There is a hidden blessing in suffering.

That said, here is the Eid ul Fitr greeting card brother Adel Abdel'Bary posted to me with my name printed on the front *happy*:

I overlook the misspelling -smile worthy- because it's his design and intention that counts.
(It's Z-a-u-f-i-s-h-a-n...)

I'll be writing to him again soon. I think I should start a regular so both you and I can keep track of who is written to.

One message I received about my pen-pal-ship was 'while this is a worthy action, it's not enough. We want to be outside the prisons knocking the doors down to remove these detainees trapped under false pretenses'.

I'd love to do that. But the authorities would take me in too. If you haven't noticed, the average Muslim is the most wanted on the planet. I don't know if that makes me crap-scared or excited.

Wanna write with me or have a better idea? Write a text comment below, fank yous.

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  1. salamu alikom,

    i am the daughter of adel abdelbary and would like to get intouch with you ..if you could please write to me at jihadadel@hotmail.com i would be grateful

  2. Assalammu Alaikum sister zuafishan.

    Sister, i am Abdul Muhid. May ALLAH bless you for all your support and informinh the people about me. I am free from prison now alhamdulillah. Since my freedom, i have set up www.muslimprisoners.com. have a look at the site and read the about us page to find out more about the campaign to srite to muslims in prison for free.

    My Name is 07801 955 014.

    May Allah accept all your good deeds, ameen

    Wasalammu Alaikum

    Abdul Muhid

  3. How Loving is Allah that He united you with your family, hamdulillah, I am extremely pleased and grateful to Allah that you were released from prison. It is also wonderful to hear from you outside the confines of guarded mail. Your wife sent me a message earlier this year so it was a blessing to know your family is doing well by Allah's Grace.

    I will look into your site and rally some support insha'Allah.
    With respect and du`a that Allah keeps your family safe and strong,


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