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Link Love: Time For Quran.com

From IIDR (Islamic Institute for Development & Research)

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about a great free resource from my friend Mamoon Yusaf...

Mamoon had devised a system for dramatically reducing the time it takes to understand the entire Qur'an in Arabic.

In fact... Using his proven strategies you can understand 80% of the Qur'an in just 25 hours - and learn 100% of it by studying just a few minutes a day! (Insha'Allah)

Go here now to download Mamoon's free report {Time For Quran} (I've downloaded it, it's useful).

In this free report you'll discover:

o The ONE MISTAKE that gurantees your failure before you even start trying to understand the Qur'an
o The mental shift you need to make in order to FULLY UNDERSTAND the Quran in its original form
o Why taking Arabic classes is the WORST THING you can possibly do if you want to learn the Quran
o The BIG Myth Dispelled: You DO NOT need to spend years learning Arabic in order to understand the entire Quran
o How to find time in your busy schedule for your Quran studies

Warmest Salamings,

br. Nadim Hussain
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