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When Good Looks Do Matter

"LOOKS MATTER. So much so that scientists have a term for the way looks affect us: the halo effect. The halo effect occurs when we think something looks good on the surface and so we broaden the scope of that positive judgement to include characteristics other than outward appearance. If someone is good looking, we infer that he or she must also have a good disposition.
The same concept applies to websites. If a website looks good, we assume that the company behind it must also do good work. First impressions count. Especially online, where a visitor doesn’t have much to go by except your website."

Shama Hyder Kabani, The Zen of Social Media Marketing
From Saad Malik on Tumblr


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  1. Is-za Jelass27/10/2010, 17:20

    business 101: Presentation, presentation, presentation.

    As for the "looking good" with people, I am guarded and look for gentleness of character or outwardly friendly behavior. That is just me. But no matter what it never hurts to smile :)


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