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What I did on Eid

Eid ul fitr, September 2010.

@iftar - DIY florists bouquet for our new aunt Saima

DIY Eid cards for charity

Watching British comedies The Infidel and Four Lions. One is about Jewish-Muslim relations, the other about terrorism: 'We'll blow sumin up. -What Waj? The internet'. Please note, both contain foul language, block your ears. But they are bloody funny with good messages; English Muslims for you. 

Quick check on my mother's plants 
(I was supposed to transfer lavender from pot to pot weeks ago, eek)

Getting ready, Eidmas day, September 10th

A silver Eid. Thank you Junaid Jamshed for your extortion

Violently playing miniature foosball

Decorations & Eidmas tree

Zaufishan to self: "Eid gifts for me? Oh you shouldn't have! 
Oh, but you deserve them. Why thank you kindly. You are welcome!"
Travellers Light CDs: Mishkhat Media
Ayaat a Day calendar & prints: Sawaab Publishing

2am, assessing the day's damage... left over stamps and coconut chocolates...
"Eid money" donated towards charities...
Spare change given to The Zaufishan Foundation...
Car keys... someone else's keys... batteries... Fight Club. My kinda day.


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