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I want one of those...

VIP parked in a London car park, these two are on my wish list for when I meet my maker. Insha'Allah. Shallow, yes.


London's roads are decorated with BMWs, it's surprising that rich snobs exist everywhere, showing off their wheels like that... Gawd... *jealousy*
I have a jilbaab that would match that Jaguar quite nicely.


Posing outside halls, theatres and with their own spotlights, I ran into a succession of Aston Martins, holy Porches and more BMWs. I want one of them. I even took a pitcher stood next to it. *grin*


*Bart Simpson laugh* Phoar-ooh-ah baby!

Or... considering my budget won't allow for anything with 4 doors and its own runway, I will modestly opt for a Smart Car. Environmentally friendlier, kinda cute looking, and easy to park. So, goodbye Austin Martin dreams, hello tiny suitcase remote-control drive. Insha'Allah.

I want one of those... Spyder Roadsters.


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  1. Now THAT is what I'm talking about - CARS!! Best post ever! :-P

    Well, I'm a spoiled brat, so I've been blessed to enjoy the fruits of my parents success alhamdulillah (read: drive German automobiles).

    Yes, I love that about London (and Prague too) is that I get to see really cool cars that I could only dream of even seeing or sitting in, let alone own/drive.

    Just saw a DB9 on my street the other day - always see these somewhat shady guys getting out of nice cars, disappearing for a while (always see them pull up to the same spot at one intersection along my street. Just a few days before that, a brand new Merc S65 AMG.

    About the smart car - did you know sis, that they have been introduced to the American market the last 2-3 years? As you know, we like things BIG in America or just the fact that our nation is spread out, it is still so funny to see those little Smart cars running around from time to time. Yes, piece-o-cake to park - but that is more of an issue in Europe's tiny side streets, rather than America, though in the bigger cities, I'm sure it provides advantage.

    Anyways, love the post!

    Keep dreaming big! :-)


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